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Hey new mom, ignore those chores

This post is sponsored by Little Me, but like always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I decided to stay home with the birth of my first son and those first three months went so fast. I found myself caring for a baby, but also caring for things that just didn't matter. Like organizing closets and cleaning cars. Who knows why I filled my time with so many meaningless chores, maybe I was adjusting to the loneliness of being a stay-at-home mom with a newborn. Whatever the reason, my boy grew faster than expected and in a blink the days with a tiny baby all curled up on my chest, sleeping silently, starring at his tiny toes were gone.

I had my second son 8 months ago and oh my how the second child puts so much into perspective. My house is less clean, I don't remember the last time I fixed my hair and I don't even bother with makeup right now. Instead, I spend the majority of my days holding my son, counting his toes and singing sweet songs to him. And I couldn't be any happier!

He's getting bigger and stronger and soon he won't need me for a lot of things, but right now he needs me for everything. And I won't take it for granted because these days will be over sooner than I'd like. So instead of folding that load of laundry or unloading the dishwasher right now I will dress up my son in adorable Little Me outfits and photograph him. Capturing his sweet little toes and hands in these tiny little outfits that I will one day store away and pull out years from now and reminisce on how small my baby once was.

So ignore the mountain of chores, because there will always be chores, and just spend a little more time holding that baby, playing dress up because before you know it you'll be boxing up those cute little outfits as keepsakes and that baby will need you a little less and your home will be clean again.

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