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The Bluegrass Mom is more than a blog that focuses on the thoughts and experiences of Angel, but it is a place to collect and celebrate all aspects and perspectives of parenting. The purpose of this blog is to inspire readers by sharing the advice and stories of other parents.


Born in Georgia and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Angel has switched careers from teaching at-risk youth to stay-at-home mother with her beautiful boy, Christian. She loves her family, Kentucky, pretty things, motherhood, and those that do good deeds. Angel grew up without a father and with no support from her mother. Once she became a parent she knew that she would have no one to rely on for parenting advice, until she realized that other mothers, some she knew and some she never met, would begin to pour in words of advice, comfort, and support to her. This blog is a tribute to them.



​twitter: @thebluegrassmom

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