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How to teach baby to self Feed and the Tools to use

This post is sponsored by Playtex Baby, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Yes, we are the hipster foodie parents that will bring our kids to almost any restaurant. We love dining out! Once my son started to eat solid food and joining in on the culinary adventures with us, I realized that I had created a crutch. All of those times spent at home with me cutting up his food and hand-feeding him made him expect to always be fed by me. Which left me being the last one at a restaurant to even taste her food and most times getting it to go because I didn't have a free hand to feed myself because I was too busy feeding my little one.

With baby number two I am starting early and teaching him self feeding basics. Teaching your little one to self-feed does not only create independence in your child but teaches them important fine motor skills, develops their grasp and their focus.

Here are the steps to teaching baby to self-feed:

1. Finger Feed Solids

Cheerios and small pieces of cut up fruit were my favorite thing to help teach my oldest to self feed. Within just a few weeks your baby will develop a nice pincer grasp when picking up these types of food. Baby will also begin to understand where his or her mouth is and able to place the food in it correctly. With the exception of a few hundred Cheerios on the floor.

2. Teach baby to use a spoon.

Teaching baby to use a spoon is one of the first things we do along with developing the pincer grasp. My favorite foods to practice with are Greek yogurt and whip cream. These are great substances that stay on the spoon and don't slide off easily. If you're looking for great toddler utensils then check out Playtex Toddler Utensils. They are designed for babies and toddlers and have a wide handle that is easy to grasp and the spoon itself is also wide, allowing for more food to stay on the spoon.

4. Teach baby to use a fork.

Once your baby learns to use the spoon move on to the fork. Model how to use a fork with him or her. I like to use food such as cut up carrots. Things that can roll around on a plate and away from the fork can cause frustration in your learning tot so try to use foods that pierce easily and won't roll away.

5. Teach baby to drink from a sippy cup.

My son, at the age of 6 months was already showing interest in specific toys. One specific toy was and still is his Thomas the Tank Engine train. Find a cup with a design that your child loves. Begin teaching him or her how to lift a cup up. Playtex Sipsters are great for teaching little ones to drink from a cup. They have cute designs, easy to clean, and don't spill.

Below is a list of my favorite forks, spoons, bowls, and utensils to use to teach babies how to self feed.

1. Playtex Toddler Utensils- Great grasp and food easily stays in place on these.

2. Playtex Use 3 Ways Plates- These plates have three different divided compartments. I also love that these plates come with a lid so that we can take our babies food with us and have him participate in eating on a plate even at a restaurant (without the fear of him breaking one of their small plates.)

3. Playtex Use Three Ways Bowls- These bowls are very similar to their plates and come with a lid. They are great for on the go meals.

4.Playtex 360 cup- This cup not only has handles and helps a learning child learn to drink from a cup but it also has a smart design and teaches your child that they don't have to suck to get water out. It's a great cup for the baby that is almost ready for a cup!

5. Playtex Sipsters-In the meantime though, definitely use these awesome Sipster cups that are the easiest and most durable cups I have found. We still have some from over 2 years ago that are still going strong!

You can get them all on Amazon here, and you’ll get a 15% discount!

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