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Baby Hamilton's Nursery Reveal

Thank you to all the sponsors who made this reveal possible. Like always these thoughts and opinions are my very own.

I honestly did not think I would be sharing a blog like this a year ago. Trying to get pregnant a second time was not easy for us. Fortunately though, we did and I couldn't be happier to announce this blog: Our second child's nursery reveal!

Since I am having another boy I could have just kept the old nursery as is and just moved our eldest son to his new room, but I really wanted to celebrate the birth of this child and welcome him into his own special space.



The room itself is very small, I would guess about 8x9, so I knew I wanted to make the most of the space much better than I did with our first son. I used a mini crib that fits much better in the space than a traditional size crib and a rocker I found used on our local mama swap which I suggest every new parent search these sites before spending the money. There are some great deals!

We also used a Lorena Canals Rug instead of a cheap one. The cheap one we previously owned did not survive the first baby. Lorena Canals Rugs not only look awesome and are cozy, but they are washable! You heard right! WASHABLE!! So that means those late-night feedings that lead to projectile vomit won't stress me out about not cleaning up the mess immediately, because now I can just pop this rug in the wash the next morning and be good.

The design for the entire nursery was inspired from this cute Aden + Anais blanket with a giraffe and red balloons. We used cute and affordable cloud decals from our favorite decal shop, Urban Walls to play off the balloons. I also made a whimsical red balloon mobile from pom noms and fishing wire.

And for additional storage I purchased an old dresser from the Habitat Restore (Check them out. It's an awesome organization) and I used a bright red enamel spray paint on it to tie in the red from the blanket. The enamel gave a great shiny and modern finish and makes cleaning it a breeze but the fumes are strong so I suggest not using it if you are pregnant. I switched out hardware and for less than $50 have a great dresser.

We also could not live without our project nursery camera and sound machine. Add a an Ikea storage shelf with diapers, wipes, books and paci's and we are ready to welcome our baby boy home!!

Did you have a small nursery? How did you utilize the space?

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