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The Best Toddler Halloween Costumes Inspired by Tom Cruise

The post is sponsored by Oriental Trading but like always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I absolutely love Halloween and even more so now that we have our son and one of my favorite things is to find costumes or make costumes based off of some of our favorite movies. This year we decided to embrace all the classic Tom Cruise movies from Top Gun to Risky Business.

Daddy and Me Matching Goose and Maverick Costume

There's nothing cuter than when Daddy and Son match. I knew I wanted to do the iconic matching Goose and Maverick pilot suites from Top Gun and immediately went to my favorite party and craft online store: Oriental Trading. I had heard that Oriental Trading had costumes and not just party supplies and boy did they! Oriental trading has it all, competitive prices and fast delivery. Find your Daddy and Me Goose and Maverick Top Gun costumes here!

Easy Tom Cruise in Top Gun Costume

If you've ever watched Top Gun you should think of two outfits that Tom Cruise wore. Of course the iconic green pilot jump suit but the second were those skinny jeans with the bomber jacket.

What you'll need:

Bomber Jacket:I love Little Me bomber jackets!

White Tee


Aviators Sunglasses

Tom Cruise in Risky Buisness Costume

Okay so if you have neglected getting a costume from Oriental Trading and you find yourself the day of Halloween without a costume then you can easily put together the iconic Risky Business costume with every day things you will most likely have in your closet.

What you'll need:

White/pink button down



underwear or diaper

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