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Road Trip Essentials with Babbleboxx

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

Summer is here and there's one thing on our minds: Road trips! This weekend my husband and I are packing up and leaving our son with his grandparents and heading to Denver, Colorado for a quick trip for just the two of us. I am a bit nervous to leave my son, but I am also excited to have this time to really focus on my husband. Every couple needs that time to rejuvenate their relationships, but especially couples with children when their day is filled with worrying, playing, and disciplining another person there's very little time to invest in each other. That's why we are so excited to pack up and head out! We know our son is in good hands and thanks to Babblebox we have everything we need.

Here are a few Road trip essentials that everyone needs!


What's a road trip without audiobooks?! We love audibles for all of our audio books! One of my favorite memories is when I was 20 weeks pregnant and my husband I were listening to Jim Gaffigan's Dad is Fat book on our way down to Savannah for our Babymoon. We laughed hysterically listening to that audiobook. By the end of the audiobook with tears of laughter in my eyes, I looked at my husband and just knew that he was going to be the best father any child could ever have and that this crazy parenting adventure we were about to embark on was going to be more than was going to be exciting and hilarious. If you head to audibles now you can get a 1 free month trial for FREE that can be downloaded on any iPhone, Android and lots of other devices.

Head here to claim your free month trial!

2. IHOP Gift Cards

It's kind of funny how I don't each much breakfast at home, but when I am on a road trip I need two things: pancakes and a cup of hot tea! This July 18th IHOP turns 59 years old! In celebration of their 59th anniversary participating IHOP's on July 18th from 7am-7pm will be offering a short stack of pancakes for .59¢ That's right those delicious, yummy, fluffy pancakes will only be .59¢! We will definitely be heading to get a short stack on our adventure out west!

3. T-Rex® Tape

For Father's Day this year I got my husband a roof rack and a big roll of T-Rex® tape. It is strong, heavy duty duct tape that we keep in the car just in case we need it for any emergency. It's known for being able to stick and hold to any rough or dirty surface but our favorite part of T-Rex® tape is that it is weather resistant AND sun resistant! That means that the sun and rain cannot affect it while it is holding something together that is on our roof rack! But we don't just keep a roll in the car. We also have one in our utility closet because it is great for those small jobs around the house too, like that leaky water hose.

Head here to get your T-Rex® tape.

4. Chops Snacks Jerky

Nothing is worse is forgetting to replenish the ice in the cooler and loosing all of your snacks! That's why we always try to pack healthy non perishable foods for our road trips and Chops Snacks Jerky is a great one to have for any road trip. The jerky is made from some of the best brisket and marinated overnight that gives it this amazing tenderness quality to it! The best part though is that Chops Snacks Jerky is 100% natural and contains no Nitrates, MSG, or Preservatives.

Head to and get 20% off your first order with code 5CHN79Z7Q1BE

5. Cube-Tastic! 3x3 Puzzle Cube

I love to keep fun activities in the car for long road trips, because let's be honest, the alphabet game gets a bit boring. One of those is Cube-tastic. It's a modern twist on the classic Rubiks-Cube. All you do download the app, scan the cube, and from there it will show you how to solve the cube using a step-by-step tutorial. It's great for all ages and the best part is that it enhances problem solving skills, memory and eye-hand coordination. Oh and that it's not the boring alphabet game.

Head here and use code CUBETRIP for 15% off your very own Cube-tastic Cube!

How do you road trip?

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