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10 Gym Bag Essentials for the Fit Mom

1. Clean up

If you're a mother with a toddler hanging out in the gym daycare you know that most days there won't be any time for an after gym shower. That's why I always have SweetSpot Labs Coconut Lime On-The Go Wipes and wash. They are natural and free of sulfates and alcohol. Did I forget to mention that Sweetspot Labs also smell great? Exactly what you need to freshen up with after that workout. Head to Walmart and grab yours for only $5.98 here.

2. Travel Size

Keep everything small. I like to keep travel size deodorant and other toiletries in my bag. It's not that I want small size products for convenience, though that is a reason, but mostly because I want my gym bag to me as light as possible. It seems like the days I work out the hardest are the days my son forgets how to walk and just has to be carried al the way to the car.

3. You can't have too many hair ties.

There is nothing worse than a hair tie breaking in the middle of the run. You try to keep running, but just can't with hair flying every where. I like to keep as many hair ties, rubber bands and even bobby pins on hand. Just in case!

4. Containers

If you head to the dollar store you will find great containers to keep all of the extra hair ties, rubber bands and bobby pins that you know you will need! Nothing is worse than having a hair tie break in the middle of a run and not having a back up one.

4. Food for mom

It's so important to refuel after a workout. Especially if you are lifting weights then you know how important it is to eat a high protein snack immediately after a workout. I like to keep Lorissa's meat snacks on hand. They don't need to be refrigerated and are mess free. Best part is that they are 100% grassfed beef with 11 grams of protein.

5. Headphones

Buy a pair of headphones specifically for your gym bag. I use to try and switch my head phones from my gym bag to work bag and would always forget them. Earbuds are relatively cheap and can be purchased any where for hardly anything.

6. Razor

There is nothing more embarrassing than going to the gym, putting your hair up in a ponytail and realizing that you forgot to shave. Ok let's be honest, you just don't have time to shave daily anymore as a mom! That's why I always keep cheap disposable razors in my bag.

7. Dry Shampoo

Whoever invented dry shampoo is a genius. I always carry a can with me to the gym and it always makes freshening up after a workout fast and easy.

8. Hand Sanitizer

I was not a germaphobe until I had my son. And I am only one when it comes to the gym. I make sure to wash my hands thoroughly after working out. I like to keep hand sanitizer on hand to clean up the babies hands from being in the gym daycare too. No idea what he has touched but I know that he won't be bringing those germs home!

9. Snack for Baby

I always keep a snack in my bag for the baby too. Generally after my workout he is pretty fussy and ready for lunch. I give him either raisins or fruit bars to hold him over while we drive back home. Happy baby means happy life.

10. Feminine Products

Nothing worse than Mother Nature greeting us during our running session. I always keep feminine products in my workout bag just in case she decides to show up unexpected at the gym.

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