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A Day Out with Thomas at The Kentucky Railway Museum

This post was sponsored by the Kentucky Railway Museum, however like always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Children are quite funny. Who knew that so early on that they would already develop a personality with a strong sense of likes and dislikes. Our son was read a Thomas and Friends book when he was around 6 months old and from there on this now17 month little guy has acquired tons of books, toys, clothes, and even gets to watch 18 minutes a day of Thomas and friends, a character that he adores. To say that he likes Thomas is an understatement. "T" as he calls him, is his best friend, going everywhere we go. So naturally when I heard that Thomas the Engine was coming to the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, Ky I thought is it worth it and is my guy a little too young for it to be worth the trip there? So we went, experienced it and I must say that we really enjoyed it.

What to expect on a Day Out with Thomas

1. Things to do

There are four stations set up with lots of activities for the children such as train tables, which our son loved, a petting zoo, magic shows, viewing area, and more. Make sure to get there at least two hours in advance to do all of the activities. You will receive a sheet of paper at the beginning to take around to every station. After completing a station your child will receive a stamp on the paper. Four stamps and four completed stations means your child will get a free toy!

2. The location

The location of all of the activities are outside of the Kentucky Railway Museum. The majority of the activities are covered, but expect for it to be hot so bring water and sunscreen and dress appropriately.

3. Food

There are several food options to purchase around the grounds from hot dogs to funnel cakes and ice cream. We had brought snacks for our son to eat and it looked like every other parent had done this as well and no one seemed to mind. Dining options around the railway are limited to just a couple of local restaurants so eating at the event is highly advised or bringing a picnic lunch.

4. Thomas the Engine.

The parents and children were all excited when we saw Thomas come rolling down the tracks. He was everything we imagine he would be. Our son could not stop smiling when he saw Thomas. It was adorable! There are plenty of opportunities to have your photo taken in front of Thomas by the railway team, but if you don't mind a few people in the background of your photo then you can easily take your own with your phone for free which no one seemed to mind.

The Ride on Thomas was a lot of fun and also very cute. First, it was air conditioned which we all appreciated. Secondly, the train ride was slow so there was no need to fear any motion sickness. The conductor played Thomas the Train music on the ride and even tooted the horn at one point which ALL the children loved. Our son really enjoyed the ride a lot as well as his grandparents.

All in all it was a fun trip and our 17 month old son loved it and I'm sure next summer he would love it even more. If your child loves Thomas as much as ours does then I would recommend taking them to the Kentucky Railway Museum for a Day Out with Thomas.

Be a REALLY useful engine and head to their website and purchase tickets here.

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