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Dance With Me

Our wedding day wasn’t spectacular, but it was perfect.

I had purchased an $80 dollar JCrew wedding dress at a clearance store a month before Dusty would propose. I knew it was going to happen and I couldn’t pass up such a deal. When he proposed that summer I knew I wanted a simple wedding in the fall and he knew he wanted to marry me sooner than later. So we chose October 11th.

Our wedding wasn’t a lavish event with hundreds of guest. It was simple and effortless, like our relationship.

I booked a venue, The Bourbon Barrel Loft, which had great food and beer and promised to do the decoration details for me. Which was wonderful, because I did not care about flowers, centerpieces, or decorations.

I just cared about marrying this incredible person and beginning a family with him.

Our wedding day was perfect. We spent the afternoon cooking out for family and watching football. I snuck out to get my hair done and when I got back it was time to get dressed, snap some photos with his sister and head on over to the venue. But by the time we finished taking photos my curls had all fallen out. I didn’t care though because I knew I was about to stand in front of 50 of our closest friends and family that didn’t care about my hair either.

They were just there to celebrate us.

When we got to the venue we were ushered upstairs where our guest were waiting for us, drinks in hand and smiles on their faces. A good friend of mine married us and he perfectly crafted a ceremony that was short enough, yet full enough to capture our love for one another.

I didn’t care to do any wedding traditions such as cutting the cake or tossing a bouquet. However, I did want a first dance. But in reality it really wasn’t a first dance. A year before the proposal, Dusty took me by the hand, drew me close, and swayed with me in his kitchen. In that moment, our love and commitment for each other was formed.

Two years later, one child, countless memories and we continue to find ourselves dancing with each other.

Happy anniversary, Dusty. I love you so.

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