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meet angel hamilton.

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Fall for Style

meet christy and cal.

How do you like to dress for the Fall? For the fall, my style consists of a lot of layering centered around a nice pair of jeans and boots, booties, and more boots! By layering I mean a fun top or a basic tee under an open leather or military jacket or cardigan. Oversized sweaters, lightweight scarves, with a slim pair of denim.

Do you have a specific go to piece?

A great pair of jeans! I worked at a designer denim boutique in college and I learned so much about the structure and art of great denim. It's such a versatile piece that can be dressed up with a blazer and heels or dressed down with a classic sneaker (chucks, vans, superga, etc) or boot. I wear jeans all the time so I invest in at least one great pair of denim every fall because I know I will get my money's worth and they will compliment everything else I wear with them.

Does your style come out in the way you dress Cal? Absolutely! My husband is from California and our sons name, Cal, reflects our love for the Sunshine state. With that being said, I really love to dress him true to a California boy! Most days you will find him in a pair of Vans or Chucks. Since I'm big on layering for myself, I do the same with Cal. Fun t-shirts under an open flannel or denim button up with some skinny jeans or soft jogger pants really look cute on Cal. I mean what's not to love about toddler leg fat rolls sucked into skinny jeans!

What makes dressing a boy for the fall so fun? Fall is my favorite to season for clothing. It is also my favorite season for dressing Cal as well. What makes it so fun dressing Cal in this season is there is so much more to choose from and I can really layer him up with button-ups, tees, cardigans, boots, beanies, etc. without worrying that he is going to sweat and be uncomfortable like in the spring and summer or cover it all up with a puffy coat in the winter. In the fall, we're free to let our true style shine in comfort. And Let's be honest, if it's not comfortable a toddler will pitch a fit and strip down to their diaper no matter the weather.

You sound like you have experience with the strip down?

I do have a funny story about me dressing Cal and him not having it. Cal has been in two weddings in the past four months and that has required him to wear tuxedos. I mean what is not to love about a little man in a tuxedo, looking like a baby penguin? Well, in true "Laid-Back California boy fashion," Cal was not feeling his suit and bow tie. He made it through the ceremonies fully dressed, but pulled on his bow tie and collar the entire time and acted like it was choking him (for the record it wasn't). Nevertheless, I gave up and as soon as the reception started Cal was stripped and remained shirtless/bow-tie-less for the rest of the night. Through dinner, dancing, and dessert. Cal was as happy as a clam! I've learned with a toddler you have to pick and choose your battles and that you have to embrace the no pants parties and in his case the no suit and tie parties

What types of clothes does Cal like to keep on? I love buying Cal shoes! I would say I build his outfits based around his shoes. Believe it or not he loves picking out which shoes he wants to wear each morning, so I let him make the decision and then I build his outfit around his selection. Teaching him teamwork at a young age.

What are some of your favorite places to shop or go-to brands? For me, I love Anthropologie and always have great luck there. Von Maur is another one. But I also love supporting small businesses and some of my best finds come from little local boutiques such as Collections and Crush boutique. For Cal, I have great luck at Baby Gap, Von Maur, and Zara. But the same goes for him and I'm all about small business love and find some of the coolest tees and denim at FarmFreshDenim, Mamasaidtees, RomanandLeo, and Zen threads.



Sweater and choker from Collections Boutique

Swirly Initial Engraved Necklace from Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry

Paige Verdugo Mid-Rise Skinny Jeand from Anthropologie

Lucky Brand Tie Back Wedge Bootie from Von Maur


Flannel Shirt from Baby Gap

Waffle Knit Tee from Baby Gap

High Stretch Slim Jeans from Baby Gap

Converse Toddle Chuck Taylor from Von Maur

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