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meet angel hamilton.

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meet amanda and miles.

Born in: Suffolk, England Lives in: Louisville, Ky My bump style: Professional, but fun! I have a really eccentric style but I work in a government office. So I have to find ways to be conservative, while showing off my colorful personality. After all, I am an interior designer at heart.

Best and worse part of pregnancy:

The best part about being pregnant would have to be going to the doctor every few weeks and hearing his little heart beat! Makes me so happy every time! But the worst thing would have to be the back pain! I am naturally a back sleeper so when I learned it was best to sleep on my side I started doing that, but I would still wake up on my back! Which caused a lot of pain. Now I keep a pillow behind me as well to keep me from rolling over onto my back in the middle of the night.

How have you coped with the bad times?

Great question because there are so many ups and downs with pregnancy! I would say my Sister has been my biggest help throughout this all. I know she is there for me without judgements and so excited to have a little nephew when it's all over with!

Advice for a first time mom: It's ok to be baby crazy! Surround yourself with the people you love during this time, and talk as much baby talk as you like. At first I felt like I was being annoying but when I put myself around other moms I found they were just as excited as talking about this stuff as me! Favorite quote you will share with my son: ​"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!" by Muhammad Ali. I really hope Max learns that you can be unique and strong but to also be graceful and polite at the same time. There is a certain eloquence that even the most important leaders carry. I hope he can take from that.


Dress: Liz Lange for maternity at Target Shoes: Crocs 2 strap wedges Necklace: Handmade by Amanda herself

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