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3 steps to get fit after pregnancy

If you have followed along with me on my blog then you know I am weeks away from having our second son. I am so grateful that I am able to have one more child for our family. And though I am so grateful for this gift it has been a bit harder this second time to accept the changes that my body has so rapidly made this time. Even with diet and exercise I gained a lot of weight and fast. Now I am just one pound shy from what I was when I delivered my first son, I am sure that I am going to exceed that weight gain with our second.

And to be honest that just stinks.

But I did come to the realization that I have forever to get my body back. Except I don't want to take forever. I want to start working on me as soon as the baby is born. Maybe that's selfish. Maybe it isn't. Whatever it is, I know it's the right choice for me because it will bring me happiness and well let's be honest, a happy mom is a happy home.

Here are a few things that I am doing this year to get my pre-pregnancy body back!

1. Get a scale

I know what you're thinking!

But seriously the first step into achieving my pre-pregnancy body is purchasing the Nokia Body+ body composition WI-FI scale. Now I am all about the "ditch the scale" movement, but this is not a step on and see one number scale. It gives data on my entire body composition. With the Nokia Body+ Scale I not only know my weight, but also know my fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and even water intake. All this information can help me lose the baby weight, but more importantly help me regain muscle and strength! Plus it looks stylish and modern in my bathroom!

The Nokia Body+ scale doesn't just provide me with all the necessary data to lose fat and gain muscle, but it also coaches me. It provides data over the course of 8 days to show me that I am progressing even if I had one bad day. How cool is that? And the best part of the scale is that it isn't just for me but everyone in the family (up to 8 people) can enjoy the benefits of it, even the new baby! Oh an did I mention the battery last 18 months? Can I get some of those batteries for my sons toys please?!

Now the Nokia Body+ scale is pretty impressive on its own but becomes revolutionary in the fitness arena when paired with the Health Mate App. The Health Mate App provides me with even more data such as activity, sleep and even can monitor my blood pressure. So whatever my health goals are this year: to have lower blood pressure, lose weight or gain muscle, The Nokia Body+ scale and Health Mate app are here to coach me and help me along the way. But until then I will use it to help track my pregnancy, Yes it does that too!

2. Join a fitness group

Actually I already did this when I was unknowingly pregnant and did run with the group the first 8 weeks and had to stop because of the heat. So after I deliver the baby and heal I plan to jump back in with this group of supportive ladies. I encourage everyone to find their fitness friends. Maybe running isn't your thing. That's ok. Join the stroller group and just go for walks with your baby. It's so much fun meeting new people especially ones with similar interest! I found my groups via Facebook and the MeetUp app.

3. Download Strava

I downloaded Strava, a fitness app, last year when I joined a running group and I immediately became obsessed with it. Think of it as the Facebook for fitness friends. If you run then you can post your miles and track your speed and even post selfies of you on the run. All to be liked by your friends and followers. If you are competitive, then you can see other runners and cyclers routes and try and beat their times. Not into cardio? That's fine because you can track all of your workouts, calories burned and share with everyone. Meanwhile your friends and followers are liking and encouraging your fitness journey. It's really fun and is compatible with the Garmin watch.

What is one healthy change you want to make this year?

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