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Organic & Low Fat Veggie Pizza for the Holidays

The Holidays are almost here! I honestly don't think I've ever been more excited about them. My son is almost two and now at the fun age that he is excited about family gatherings and playing with cousins and well I am pregnant so I am VERY excited about all of the yummy holiday traditional dishes! However, just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I am going to go crazy on filling up on pie and processed foods.

Thanks to Immaculate Baking goods I am able to tweak some of my favorite recipes with an organic and low fat twist. And let me tell you, they taste just like the real deal and honestly even better!

One of my favorite dishes for any holiday event is Veggie Pizza with Crescent Rolls. The first time I had this was 15 years ago at my pastors house and since then I've made it every year.

I love it! And I hope you do too!

Organic and Low Fat Veggie Pizza with crescent rolls.


2 8oz packages of organic low fat cream cheese

1/2 cup of organic low fat mayo

1/2 cup of organic low fat sour cream

2 teaspoon dillweed

1 teaspoon garlic powder (You can substitute with organic ranch dressing also)




Other veggies you love

Shredded organic cheddar cheese


Spread Immaculate Baking Crescent Rolls out on uncreased cookie sheet

Pinch the edges to make the pizza crust

Bake as directed or until golden brown

Meanwhile mix cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, and seasoning in a bowl

Cut the veggies: half tomatoes, shred carrots, etc

When crescent roll is done baking allow for it to cool for 20 minutes

When cooled completely apply a generous layer of the cream cheese mixture and spread evenly over the crescent roll.

Add veggies and finish with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

ENOY and happy holidays!!

How to make Veggie Pizza

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