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The Best Holiday Ham with Curemaster Reserve

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. You're surrounded by family, hunting eggs and playing games with the kids and ending the day with a big meal, preferably a Curemaster Reserve Ham with all the fixins.

I love Curemaster Reserve Hams for several reasons. One, they taste amazing. They use real quality ingredients such as Vermont maple to Wisconsin cranberries for glazes and throw in a double smoke technique and you've got a seriously great tasting ham that will have you excited to eat those leftover ham sandwiches all week long.

However, the thing I love most about Curemaster Reserve Hams is that they keep the Easter holiday focused on family and not sitting in a kitchen or a line somewhere trying to get a ham. They make getting a ham to baking the ham so easy.

Head to the website here.

Choose the ham and the glaze you would like. We chose the vermont maple with the bourbon apple cider glaze. You guys know this kentucky girl needs bourbon on everything. And let me tell you that glaze was awesome.

Next. just wait and that ham will be delivered in no time straight to your door.

No waiting in lines to get that ham!

Preparing the ham is just as easy.

It'll come frozen so allow it to thaw.

After it is thaw pop it in the oven with a little water and cover with foil.

Sit back and enjoy that glass of wine with your mother-in-law.

Once the ham is warmed to 140 grab the jar of prepared glaze and slather it over the Curemaster Reserve Ham and let it cook for 10 more minutes uncovered.

While you wait enjoy one more glass of wine with the in-laws and watch the kids gather the eggs.

That's it. So easy and so tasty! And the best part is that you actually get to spend the Easter holiday enjoy time with your family and making memories.

Head on over their site to get your own Curemaster Reserve ham and enjoy the holiday making memories and not supper.

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