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I buy my kids used toys for Christmas

I buy my children used toys for Christmas. There I said it. Most parents will spend these next few weeks at the mall buying every toy imaginable. But not me! I will be wrapping gifts I purchased at yard sales, the facebook marketplace, or given to by family and friends.

My kids are young. One is 20 months old and my oldest will turn four prior to Christmas. When I ask my oldest what he wants he ask for hot wheel cars, more Thomas trains and maybe a marble run. Nothing too crazy and toys that I can easily find used at places like Once Upon A Child or Goodwill. And the baby is a baby and is just happy to be hanging out with us on Christmas with any toy.

So there is really no reason to purchase anything new for my kids because they are young and honestly just don't care about the packaging a new toy comes from.

All they want is the toy!

But there are other reasons for buying my children used toys for Christmas other than their age. The cost is a simple answer. We could spend money on new toys, but why when I can find it gently used somewhere? I'd much rather spend that money on something like a zoo pass or a family vacation than overly priced pieces of plastic that my kids will play with for a short period of time.

Speaking of plastic, I purchase used toys to create less waste. I'm a millennial. Well a senior millennial. I grew up with Captain Planet and Ferngully teaching me to recycle and reuse. The thought of creating more waste makes me feel as if I'm not being a good steward of this world. So I typically search swap websites for the exact toys my oldest wants. And I ALWAYS find them. Of course, I make exceptions and will buy new toys that are wooden and made by small businesses such as Wiwiurka Toys. They have some of the most beautiful climbing toys that my kids love! You can find them HERE or on Etsy.

Of course buying a toy second hand isn't as convienent as buying a new toy. I do have to hunt for toys that my child wants and sometimes I do have to buy something new. But it is getting easier to buy second hand with sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Mom facebook swap groups, and sites like eBay.

I know the day will come when my kids will grow up and they'll be like typical teens and want what others have, but hopefully I will have raised them in a way where they don't measure the value of their self by the things they have. That they will see the value of all things, new and old, and be appreciative of everything they have. I also hope that they are raised to understand that the success of their holidays isn't about what they got but by who they were surrounded by, a family that loves them immensely.

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