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The gift guide every mom wants

If I'm honest with my family, I don't want another dress, piece of jewelry or some dinner out somewhere for a gift this year. If I'm honest I want a break. A break from cooking, cleaning...basically a break from being everything to everyone.

Here is the gift guide that every mom really wants

1. Housekeeper

That's right we want a break from cleaning bathrooms. Most moms can't justify spending the money and hiring a cleaning person, especially as a stay-at-home mom, but I promise you every single one of us would cry if we opened up a present and inside was a note that read, "Cleaning help for one month" or "...a year" I would much rather spend time in the afternoons playing than scrubbing toilets and tubs.

I hired a housekeeper for the first 6 weeks after I had a baby and it literally is EVERYTHING!

So listen up, don't think about getting her an Insta pot. She really wants a housekeeper.

2. Professional Organizer

Every mom has that one part of the house that is just a disaster. Maybe it's the basement or the pantry. Maybe it's the attic or the master closet. Or maybe it's her husbands garage. Whatever it is, it bothers her every time she sees it and makes her feel completely overwhelmed when she thinks about tackling it. Let's just alleviate that anxiety and hire a professional hiring team.

The ladies at The Home Sanctuary will come in and do what she has been dreading to tackle in a day. The Home Sanctuary came to my house and some how took my disaster of a basement and in 6 hours had completely transformed it. Everything was clean, organized and properly labeled. I wanted to cry.

Check out The Home Sanctuary HERE

3. A staycation for one

I know that this sounds odd, but I promise every mom out there wants a night to herself. She won't admit it, but she really needs it. She needs a night where she is reconnecting with herself. Book her a night at a local hotel. If you want to get fancy throw in a spa package. Send her packing in the afternoon. Maybe she'll dine out, get a massage or maybe just sit in bed watching trash tv all night...uninterrupted. Who cares what she does. The goal is to help her feel reenergized when she returns home.

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