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Raising Two Under Two

This post was sponsored by regalo, but like always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

So you want to have your kids close together. That's great!

But be prepared for chaos.

We knew we wanted our kids to be close in age for numerous reasons. One, they'd have a little playmate, a best friend to grow up with. Two, we aren't young so we needed to grow our family fast. Our children are two years apart, so not true Irish twins, but close enough that things are still completely chaotic.

Here are some things to consider when you have children two years or less apart.

Lack of Interest in the Baby

There will be little interest in that new little baby. Not from you, but from your first born. People will ask you, "How does big brother or big sister like the baby?" And you'll just shrug. Because that "BIG" sibling is just a baby also who wants to play and when he realizes that the baby can't play then they'll be over him. Don't feel bad. They will start to bond once that baby starts crawling.

Trip to the Grocery

I tried to go to the grocery with both kids. Of course the carseat left little room in the grocery cart for groceries. The second trip I was a little smarter, so I thought. I chose the cart that had the seat for the carseat and decided to let the two year old push the mini cart. It looked like a great idea until my two year old tried taking out the ankles of the other customers. So I suggest budgeting a few extra bucks and either having groceries delivered to the house or doing a pickup service that your local grocer offers. Or better yet, go alone.

Separate Kids for Safety

As much as I want to say that your baby is safe around the "BIG" sibling, remember that he/she is just a baby also. They will unintentionally do things like put a tiny toy in baby's mouth or they will think that the baby reaching means that he is taking a toy and he may push or hit the baby to get the toy back!

I know you're thinking not mine, but yes, even yours will do this. Now I am not suggesting that you have to keep them separate all day long. Of course not! But I find it helpful to put the baby in my Regalo Baby Portable Play yard when I need to switch over laundry or if my oldest and I are having bonding time doing a craft. The Regalo Baby Portable Play yard is the best thing ever! It takes 5 seconds to set up. I'm not kidding. Just take it out and it basically springs open. The best part is I can take it out to the yard and let the baby play in there while my oldest enjoys the swing set.

Check it out here.

Prepare for Exhaustion

Having babies close has many benefits but there are some drawbacks such as having a toddler who is still very much dependent on you for everything. So instead of one needing you, two will be needing you all day long. And unfortunately, the kids will not nap at the same time for quite a while so you will feel completely exhausted. I've learned that no one will take care of you better than you. You know when you need a spa day or just a trip alone to the grocery. Speak up and do things that will reenergize you or you will feel mom burnout sooner than later.

It will get fun!

The baby is now 7 months old and the two kids are finally beginning to interact and enjoy each other, and it is the sweetest. There are hugs and kisses, sometimes the occasional toy will get snatched by the other and there will be tears but overall, the kids are bonding. I am still exhausted but I am happy. I am happy watching them love one another and grow into friends. It is a beautiful thing and I am so happy I had them close together!

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