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Shell Select: An Honest Review From a Mom

This post is sponsored by Shell, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own

The US Shell Select pilot, a new branded convenience store format, opened in Louisville, KY and I was privileged to attend the grand opening. It was such a fun event. There was plenty of foods to sample from their sausage and biscuits made with Kentucky proud sausage to delicious baked treats made by local Louisville folks. The local radio station was there to promote the grand opening along and there was a lot of fun with the wheel of prizes, where I won a gift card for free gas! There were locals and Shell individuals at the event all excited to be of something new. Something special.

Shell Select is truly special and as a mom who travels with children frequently each month to visit our family and as a resident of Louisville, Kentucky I found myself loving it for a whole other slue of reasons.

Why I love Shell Select As A Mom

1. The Fresh fruits and Vegetable.

I travel a few times a month with my children. The dreaded road trip means that I have to be prepared with lots of snacks for my children. And I must admit, I typically find myself grabbing chips and candy from the gas station for my toddler.

But not at Shell Select!

They have everything from fresh fruit, such as bananas, apples, lemons to precut and packaged vegetables, like carrots and celery for my son to enjoy on our trip!

2. Better food than fast food.

Another thing that I love about Shell Select is that there is a deli. The deli offers various items paying homage to Louisville, Kentucky. You will find pimento cheese and even a hot brown panini. All made with fresh local ingredients! I had the pimento and bacon panini and let me tell you, it's way better than any burger I could grab at a fast food spot. And the price is awesome!

3. Locally sourced ingredients and products.

As a Kentuckian, I am definitely Kentucky proud and buy a lot of local products. I was so impressed that Shell saw the value in our local products also. At Shell Select you will find an assortment of Kentucky proud products, from Ale 8 to Freshly baked goods from the beloved Nord's Bakery. I honestly love that Shell Select has done this and believe that our community will too because it doesn't feel like another chain, it feels like ours.

4. More than a gas station. I have never encountered a retail convenience store that was so thoughtfully planned out. It was not designed to be just another quick pit stop to grab gas, but a place that invites you to stay a while. I can catch up on work emails with their free wifi while sitting at the indoor bar top or I can enjoy my freshly made cappuccino and sandwich out on the private patio.

5. Cleanliness

Ok Moms, this is a big one! The Shell Select is so clean. There is nothing I dread more when I'm out and about than my potty training son asking to go to the restroom and having to go into a gross gas station restroom and pray he touches nothing. Shell Select is so nice and so clean, yes I know it was new, but I have feeling that this is part of their image and standard...because again, it is not like any other convenience store!

6. Staff

So I am working with Shell, which we know, and this means that I have been to Shell Select many many times prior to the grand opening for commercial shoots or just to take photos for this post and it did not matter if I were there with the Shell Marketing team or alone with my son and family before heading out on a road trip, the staff are so nice. Recently I went to take a photo for a social share and my son was begging for an ice cream. The staff did not serve and ignore us but went above and beyond. Chatting with my toddler and making sure his cone was wrapped with lots of napkins so he wouldn't get too sticky. Truly thoughtful folks.

So If you live in Louisville and find yourself needing to hop off the watterson to grab gas try to make it to the new Shell Select on 4950 Brownsboro Ln. I promise, mom or not, you will be impressed!

Welcome to Louisville Shell Select

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