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Everything you need for starting solids

This post is sponsored by Regalo Baby, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We did a thing this week! We started solids with our son! Starting solids is one of my favorite milestones, maybe its because I have a love of food or maybe it's because it's baby's first step to becoming more of a family member. Not only to enjoy food with us but hopefully one day he will help mommy bake goodies together.

Here are a few things you will need before starting solids.

1. Doctors go ahead

Our son is four months old. Traditionally children begin solids at six months old but our children are big and they are big eaters. So are pediatrician always recommends starting solids at four months. Not only do our children cry for more food, but they also have good head and neck support. So do not rush the process before getting the green light from your doctor.

2. Floor Seat

We love our regal baby floor seat for feeding our son, he's still not quite big enough for a high chair, so we sit him in his floor seat to enjoy his meals. The regalo baby floor seat is a great floor seat and does not squeeze his chunky little 19lb legs at all, which was my biggest complaint about other floor seats. It also has a tray to catch any puree sweet potatoes or bananas and is easy to wipe down.

Find yours HERE.

3. The right spoon.

You'll need a spoon that isn't too big for baby and preferably one with a rubber spoon that can easily wipe the excess food off of babies face.

4. Bibs

Not all bibs are created equal. We love our silicone bibs. They catch ll the mess and just need to be wiped down with a rag. Seriously the best invention ever.

5. Food

Maybe you'll puree your food or purchase it from the store. my biggest advice is to stick with one type of food for at least three days to ensure that your baby does not have an allergy to it. I also encourage others to start with veggies. We always do sweet potatoes first, peas, carrots, green beans and then go into the yummy fruits.

6. Don't stress

Some kids are great eaters others are not. It can be stressful if baby doesn't want to eat. But don't stress, just move to a different food. If baby is still refusing then consult your doctor.

7. Poop

It's all fun until you get that first diaper change. Yep, poop will change drastically and more frequently at the beginning. Keep an eye out for diaper rashes as this might be an allergic reaction to different types of food.

Now that you have everything you need to start solids don't forget to grab your camera. It's a great memory to capture and the photos are always the best! Enjoy this time. These babies do not keep!

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