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An Honest Review of the Graco Extend2Fit Platinum Convertible Car Seat

This post is sponsored by Graco, but like always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I probably spent more time trying to find the perfect car seat then I did then on an actual car.

And for good reason! I wanted my son to be safe which meant I needed a car seat that would help him sit rear facing longer. I knew that my first son needed a car seat that would accommodate how big and tall he was. Just to give you an idea of how he big he is, at his two year check up he was 41 inches tall and 40lbs. My goal was for him to sit rear facing for as long as he could so not only did he need the car seat to accommodate his weight but it needed to fit his long legs. That's when I found the original Graco Extend2Fit®. It was the best car seat for our boy and we recommended it to everyone!

So when I had the opportunity to do a review on the new Graco Extend2fit® Platinum covertible car seat I said yes! With our new son just being born 6 weeks ago I knew he would need this car seat soon with how fast he is growing! I tried it out on my oldest and loved it even more than the original, if that is even possible!

5 Reasons why I love the new Platinum Extend2fit® Convertible car seat by Graco

1. Sit rear facing for longer

As any parent knows, it is now recommended to have your child sitting rear facing for at LEAST two years. Longer if possible! The Graco Platinum Extend2Fit® car seat will protect children rear facing from 4-50 lbs and forward facing up to 65 lbs. That means older heavier kids can sit rear facing for longer!

2. Leg room for tall children

Even if your child is tall, like mine tend to be, Graco has created a smart design called the Extend2fit® 4 position extension panel. It's basically an extension panel that keeps tall children's legs from being squished on the backseat. Therefore, keeping them sitting rear facing longer and more comfortable.

3. Two cup holders

You may think a car seat with one cup holder is fine but I am here to tell you it is not! A car seat has to have one cup holder for your child's drink and the second one to house his/her toys or snack cup. Otherwise they will constantly be dropping something and crying for you to stop to get it.

4. Easy to clean

One of my favorite parts about the new Graco Platinum Extend2FIT® car seat is how easy it is to clean. The car seat cover comes off easily and is machine washable.

5. Easy to install

I have a confession. I did not install our first set of car seats because it seemed to difficult and I was nervous that I would not be able to have the car seat in secure enough. But with the new Graco Extend2fit® Platinum I no longer have to get my husband to install the car seat. Graco has a new installation feature making installing the car seat a breeze called the EZ Tight™ LATCH. It took me a couple of minutes to install. All I had to do was attach the side belt to the anchors in the car and then push a grey button and it secured the car seat. It was so simple and fast!!

If you have a tall child like mine or if you just want your child to sit rear facing longer then I would definitely check out the new Graco Extend2fit® Platinum car seat!

Learn more about the Graco Platinum Extend2fit® Convertible car seat HERE

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