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Eating Local Helps Local Farmers: Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen

This post is sponsored by Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My family and I live quite close to the Middletown and the St. Matthews area here in Louisville and generally find ourselves doing most of our activities in those areas such as music class, the YMCA, or grocery shopping.

It wasn't until a recent trip out to my Lucky's Supermarket that I noticed a new restaurant in a small shopping strip near the Haverty's called Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen. From the outside it looked like a quick spot to pick up lunch for the local office employees in the area, maybe not a good spot for me and my busy toddler to stop in though so we opted to a nugget drive thru window.

A few weeks later and a few more pregnancy pounds added I decided I would give it a try after my workout at the gym. I towed my toddler inside the casual fast-dining restaurant thinking I would get a basic salad and nothing for my picky toddler.


Holy smokes y'all this is not your typical salad spot. The decor was engaging, simple, and fresh just like their food. A glance at their menu and I noticed right away that Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen had a mission of using local ingredients, our restaurant here in Louisville, Kentucky received a lot of produce out of Paris, Kentucky which made me want to support this local business even more. I also noticed that all of their soups, dressings and delicious lemonades (you have to try these) were all made in house each day.

The day I went it had been raining for quite sometime here and I knew I definitely wanted a light salad but I needed something warm also, like a soup. So I decided to try an assortment of soups and salads.

First, we got the Classic Chicken Salad. You can't go wrong with chicken salad and this one exceeded expectations. Large chunks of chicken, apples, cranberries and pecans tossed in mayo and tarragon with a side of tomato soup made for the perfect and filling lunch on our rainy day. My son especially loved the soup and chicken!

The next salad we tried was the Maki Shrimp. Yep, I wanted to step out of the safe space of chicken salad and try something different and boy am I glad I did. Hands down this was my favorite! It had large pieces of shrimp atop a bed of greens with edamame, red peppers, cucumbers, avocado and pickled ginger with a side of spicy sirracha aioli. I am still thinking about how delicious this was! I even loved the ginger, which I usually hate. My son ate all of my edamame and peppers and munched on the shrimp. I also got a bowl of kale and sausage soup which was perfect for a cold rainy day and even won over my son.

The portions are huge and we had lots of leftovers and the price point was great between 6.95 and 8.95 for a large salad that fed us both and left plenty for lunch the following day!

We will definitely be lunching at Vinaigrette more often. Great food, delicious lemonades, high chairs, and a mission to support local farmers has me so excited to eat even healthier after the baby is born and to support this business.


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