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How to Grow Natural and Beautiful Eye Lashes.

The product was gifted, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Who hasn't heard of Rodan and Fields? I mean we all know that one person whose selling it on Facebook and sharing a ton of before and after photos of what seems to be "too good too be true" results. But are they really too good too be true?

Well, this summer I had the chance to try one of their products, the lash boost. Supposedly it grows your eyelashes so much that it looks like false lashes. Before kids the one thing I splurged on each month was having my eyelashes done. Yes. I'd spend A LOT of money to have someone apply my false lashes that would last a few weeks...and I loved them!

Fast forward to mom life and I either don't have the time or desire to spend that much money anymore. So when I saw the lash boost before and after photos I thought "why not give it a go" I mean the results did look incredible!

Now my eyelashes are terrible. They grow out and never curl up. Supposedly that's a genetic thing, but no matter the type of mascara or lash curlers my natural eyelashes will not curl up and show length. So I was excited to try the Rodan + Fields lash boost.

I started applying it to the bottom of where my eyelashes grown each day. After the first week I didn't notice too much of change, but by week two I could feel fullness in my lashes. And the most amazing part was when I applied mascara to them they actually curled up and stayed in place. It was amazing.

I was so excited to keep at it and see what they would look like in 4 more weeks.

But then I got news that I was pregnant. Now there's a warning on the package to not use while pregnant and though I have pregnant friends who did use it while pregnant I decided to stop. I may had been more disappointed in not being able to use the Lash Boost anymore than drinking.

I still have my Lash Boost and cannot wait to start it again once the baby is here, because I definitely know that it works!

If you are interested in purchasing Lash Boost or other Rodan + Fields products be sure to visit Alissa. She's wonderful and I think better than purchasing from family...because you don't feel obligated to keep purchasing products and hurting that cousins feelings. Not only is she professional but she will guide you into the right direction for the right product for your skin.

Check out her page here!

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