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Christian's Big Boy Room Reveal

This is a sponsored post, but like always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We live in a small craftsman in a desirable neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky and though we love our neighborhood and home the bedrooms are not the largest. Now when Christian was born we put his nursery in a small room that is 8x9. Though it was small it did the job of housing a dresser, crib and a rocker for me to sit in during those middle of the night feedings. However, it was not enough room for him to play in because there was just no space to do so.

As he grew our downstairs living and dining room became his play area. You can imagine how much every parent loves toys and clutter taking over their living spaces.

Fast forward and we are pregnant with our second son and decided that it was time to move Christian into a toddler big boy bedroom and create a play area in the space as well.

I knew I wanted his room to feel like a modern boy's room, that is childlike but can still grow with him and I believe I achieved that!

We painted the walls Misty from Sherwin Williams, which is a nice blue gray color, and decided to get really creative with his walk-in closet and make it into a play space/closet.

BEFORE- When we purchased our home!

AFTER - Clean and modern

We used a trundle bed that we got for a steal at a local auction, cozy rug that we got from Rugs USA that has a contemporary and clean design, mid century modern table and chairs from Target, floating shelves from Hobby Lobby and the sound machine and video monitors from Project Nursery. But what really makes his room feel like a modern boys room are the decals on his wall from Urban Walls. They are so fun and the photos don't capture how well they look on the wall!


SHOP IT: Cityscape wall decals from Urban Walls

SHOP IT: Mid Century Modern Kids Table from Target

SHOP IT: Sound machine and video monitor system from Project Nursery

SHOP IT: Cozy shag rug from Rugs USA

For his play area in the walk-in closet I made a book nook with a cushion that is suppose to be for the front porch swing that I found on sale at Lowe's and threw some pillows down and hung a bookshelf with letters I painted that spelled out READ. I reused some old art that my son made and framed it above a built-in table space and used a lot of storage cubes from Target to organize his toys. He loves the space and curls up in the nook and looks at his books and plays with his toys on the built on table. It's such a great use of space now!



Built in table play area

SHOP IT: Organizational Striped Bins from Target

There are so many things that I love about his room from the decals to the rug to the best monitor and camera system but my favorite thing is how much Christian loves his room. We have spent every night playing in the room, jumping on the beds, and showing our friends the buildings on the wall.

My little boy is growing up ya'll. It's bittersweet. That squishy baby is gone but this little boy that he is becoming is so fun and exciting to be around.

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