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How to Have The Best Fire Truck Theme Birthday Party

Thank you to the great sponsors Oriental trading, Gigi's cupcakes, and Cookies by Charity, but like always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Our home is located on a street that is an emergency route so we are so lucky to see the fire trucks whizzing down our rode at least once a day. Christian gets excited every time he sees one making sure we know that there is a "Fiya Truck." So of course for his second birthday I knew I wanted to plan a firetruck birthday party for him, not only because he loves them but because I knew all of the children would love it.

The Decorations

The decorations are so important to bringing the firetruck theme birthday party together. My favorite place to buy decorations that are adorable and don't break the bank is at Oriental Trading. From plates to cups to adorable personalized fire station banners Oriental Trading has it all!

This personalized banner with a photo was only $14.99 at Oriental Trading!

The Swag Bag

This year we asked that no one buy our son gifts for his birthday, but people love buying little children gifts and of course every guest came with a gift in hand. Knowing that that would be a possibility I wanted all of the children to be able to open up a gift with Christian. With the help of Oriental Trading I was able to create cute fire department gift bags full of cute items such as firemen hats, firemen badges, fire hat lolly pops and more. All of the kids loved their gifts and I loved being able to make them all smile.

The food.

For Christian's birthday we kept the food fairly simple since the guest were mostly toddlers ho don't eat too much. Pizzas from Whole Foods were a huge hit along with veggies and some chips. However, the real winner were the deserts!

The cutest and most delicious cookies ever created by Cookies By Charity out of Lexington, Kentucky were made for the party. Everyone agreed that they had never seen such cute cookies. Her handmade cookie designs included firetrucks, Dalmatian dogs, Christian's name and the cutest number 2 that had a water hose in it. They were beyond adorable and so tasty that I continued to eat one every night for four nights. No regrets!

Make sure to like her Facebook page HERE and try some of her amazing cookies! You will want to eat them all!

For the cake we actually opted out of one, just for the very reason that I didn't want to cut a cake for a ton of children and parents. We figured cupcakes would be best and just easier. Everyone loved the cupcakes we got from Gigi's Cupcakes on Springhurst in Louisville, Ky. The vanilla cake with light buttercream was a huge crowd pleaser and all the kids loved the cute firetruck and flame design that the Gigi's cupcake employees took the time to make.

Make sure to grab some yummy cupcakes from there for your next special event HERE.

The location

Last but not least, what really brings the firetruck theme birthday all together is the location. Most cities will allow birthday parties at the local station. Here in Louisville, if you live in St. Matthews you can have your birthday party at the station. Other cities may not do this, but still offer an educational program and you can bring the guest to the firestation for a fire safety demonstration which basically means that the children will have an opportunity to run around the firetruck.

We were lucky enough to have the fire station host us. We set up the party in one of their classrooms and they were so generous to offer a fire safety demonstration and then let all of the children play on the firetruck for a half hour. Which all of the kids and parents loved!

Hope these ideas help with your little firefighters birthday party!

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