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3 Black Maternity Must-Have Pieces for Every Wardrobe

This post is sponsored by Pink Blush but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pregnancy is quite amazing. However, growing a person and watching your body grow can be a bit shocking. No matter how much I work out and eat right my body chooses to expand...QUICKLY. Leaving my with ill-fitting clothes that I look like I could bust out of at any second.

This pregnancy though I've gotten wiser. I know that I will put on the majority of my weight at the beginning of pregnancy and so I am prepared with items that are flattering and will be worn daily and I am here to share them with you!

3 Black Maternity Must-Have Pieces for Every Wardrobe.

1. A Black Top

There is nothing that I wear more than my flattering, scalloped edge black maternity top from PinkBlush. I love everything from the length, to the scoop neck, to the adorable scallop details around the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. It is the perfect shirt and one that every pregnant mama needs.

2. Workout Pants

I work out three to four days a week and during my first pregnancy squeezed into my extra small workout pants. That was not flattering and the waistline was so tight on my stomach that I could barely finish a run. This pregnancy I converted to maternity workout pants and lets just say it has been a game changer. The high waist band ensures that my pants aren't too low and that the waist isn't squeezing on my stomach. I not only wear these working out, but let's be honest we all wear our gym clothes to run errands too. It's a definite Must-Have during your pregnancy

3. The little black dress

Just because your pregnant doesn't mean you can't dress cute. Or in my case, just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I have to wear pants. I would much rather throw on a cute little black dress than wear pants any day! Throw on tights with it and you have a winter outfit. I love when a black dress has a little something to it like a little floral detail or belt like this one from PinkBlush.

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