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Shop with a Purpose: Personalized Superhero Capes for Children

This post is sponsored by Capes in Flight, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Every kid wants to play dress up and be a superhero. Didn't you?! When I was a kid I would tie a long sleeve shirt around my neck and pretend to be Batgirl with a long cape. Yes. Yes I did. Now kids have much cooler options than reusing shirts and sheets to play dress up. My favorite children superhero capes that I love to receive and give are from Capes In Flight.

Now why should you spend your money purchasing a cape from Capes In Flight rather than just going to the store and picking up a leftover halloween costume?

Capes In Flight have the cutest capes that are personalized to your child's liking. Each cape is made of high quality fabric, and personalized with your child's favorite superhero symbol or image of what they like and their name printed on the cape. Oh and did I mention that they are reversible? Yes one cape that is actually two. Christian is still too young for superheros but we had the superman symbol with his name on one side and then what he is really into, firetrucks, on the other side with his name. HE LOVED IT.

But the real reason you should consider purchasing one of these capes from Capes in Flight for your little one this Christmas is because of Annie and Mark.

Annie and Mark are the brains and the hardworking couple behind Capes in Flight, a small business that they began a year ago to help fund a big part of their life. After trying to have children they adopted their oldest child and then like many of my friends were blessed to have two biological kids on their own. But something was weighing on their hearts and both Annie and Mark knew that their family wasn't complete and are now months away from adopting a baby this January.

You can spend $20 dollars at a store and get a cheaply made cape and costume that won't last or you can spend anywhere from $7-$40 and buy a well made, personalized cape that is going to help Annie and Mark complete their family and to give a newborn baby a new home and make your child very happy!

Purchase your cape here What's your favorite thing about your child's new cape from Cape In Flights!

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