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How to Survive Cold and Flu Season

This post is sponsored by, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my very own.

Cold and Flu season is almost here and there is nothing more that I fear than getting the flu while being pregnant so I am ensuring that I do everything possible to not get sick by taking care of personal and physical health. Here are a few tips on how I plan to survive this Cold and Flue season.

1. Stay warm and cozy

During this season make sure to stay warm and cozy. Grab your Zippo Mini Flex Candle Lighter and light that fire. Or if your like me and wish your original fireplace wasn't removed than grab a blanket and light the candles. Now just sit back and relax and enjoy that your fingertips aren't sore or burnt because you used the Zippo Mini Flex Neck Candle Lighter.

2. Zoganic

Zoganic are yummy drinkable supplements that come in a variety of flavors all for different ailments such as the pineapple and digest and coconut and energy drinks. I like Zoganics because they are not only focused on a person to feel better but to prevent sickness. You just replace an unhealthy drink at your home every day with a yummy zoganics and you have a sweet but nutritional drink that offers you and your children 100% of your daily vitamins. You can add it to any glass of water to give it a fun fruity taste or what I do is add it to a smoothie for an extra flavor of pineapple.

Zoganic are clinically proven to have health benefits, is non GMO, Gluten Free and vegan. And of course my favorite part is that it is made of all natural organic ingredients. Exactly what a pregnant woman wants!

3. A good book

The goal is to not get sick, but let's be honest, with a child the likelihood of at least a common cold this season is inevitable. So we might as well make the most of it. I always make sure to have on a hand a really good book for those days when I just need to rest and recoup. The one I am currently looking forward to diving into is Links by Lisa Becker. It's one of those 'Sex in the City" type books that is an easy read that keeps you entertained. Find yours here.

4. Tea

After living in the tea fields of Kenya, Africa I fell in love with the taste and soothing qualities of tea. One of my favorite tea brands is Tea Forte, which you've probably seen in the pyramid shaped bags. For this cold and flu season I will be soothing those sniffles with a warm cup of winter chai and raspberry ganache, my favorites from their warming joy, festive tea collection that can be found here.

Save 20% with Code WJ20 until 12/31/17

5. Stuffy Nose Strips

There is nothing more than I hate than a stuffy nose. Give me the cough, fever, but don't give me that terrible stuffy nose that keeps me from breathing during the night. Thank goodness for Stuffy Nose Strips. These strips open the airwaves by gently pulling the skin to the left and the right. Open airwaves leads to a better night of sleep which my partner could definitely use! Find your Stuffy Nose Strips here.

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6. A Calming Candle

Getting sick is not fun and whether its grabbing a book, or sipping tea we need to do the things that will help alleviate stress and allow our bodies to heal. On the days I feel sick and tired, I turn down the lights and light my Chesapeake Bay Candle. They are designed beautifully and their scent is never over powering like other candles. The Balance + Harmony candle is the perfect calming scent of the light scents of water lily and pear. Find yours here.

How do you survive cold and flu season?

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