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Top Baby Registry picks for Baby #2

This is a sponsored post, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own

As a mother of one child I now have a better understanding of what I'll need when the second one arrives. And thank goodness for my mom tribe, because they have kept me in the know when it comes to essential baby gear that I need to have for two children.

Top Baby Registry Picks for Baby #2

1. Double stroller

You will probably do more research on the best double stroller than anything else. They are costly and you have two children that have different needs. After asking lots of friends and family I decided to go with the Joovy Scoot X2 double stroller. Okay first thing is fist, you get to choose from three colors: red, black and blue. We went with bold red and love it. This is. side by side stroller that the majority of my friends swear by. Most parents agreed that the strollers that are tandem generally lead to fights between two children on which seat they want, they are bulky, and heavier. So we decided to go with the side by side one from Joovy.

My husband quickly assembled it in five minutes without any instructions. Each seat reclines so I can place the newborn baby in one side to nap on long walks with my toddler, which it'll be spring time so there will be a lot of walks. There is a bar in the front of the stroller, but I also purchased the food trays to replace it with. The bar easily comes out and the snack trays click in place just as easy. Which I love! But the biggest selling factor is the storage. There is an extra large storage under the stroller and two large pockets on the back of the seat.

2. Baby Carrier

I am about to embark on motherhood with two which is code for "never having enough hands." So the only way to free up my hands and actually accomplish task during the day while loving on my baby and playing with my toddler is to wear my baby. My favorite carrier ever is Lilllebaby. A girlfriend of mine had one with her first child and I fell in love with it. I have the Essentials All Season carrier and I love it. I can wear the baby in four different positions, it'll be perfect during those cool fall walks to those hot summer days with its temperature control panel, and will allow me to carry the newest addition up to 45lbs because it actually has support for the baby and my back.

3. Cart Hammock

So grocery shopping with a baby was a challenge with the first one and I am scratching my head trying to figure out how in the world am I going to do this with two! Cue Binxy Baby Cart Hammocks. The first time I saw this my son had already endured months of having groceries piled on him and finally had learned to sit in the front of the cart. So now for the second child I will definitely use the Binxy Baby Cart Hammock. It is a comfortable hammock that is placed within the cart. First born can sit in the front of the cart, while baby lays comfortably in the hammock allowing me to actually put groceries in the cart. I am so excited to try this one out!

4. The perfect bathtub

After having my first born my husband would come in like a hero after work and give the baby a bath. Except our baby hated bath time. He would cry out. I finally realized that the water was just a bit too hot and now that my son can speak he let's dad know that the water is just "too hot." So I wanted to avoid that discomfort for the second baby and decided that we needed the Aqua scale tub. It is a tub that has a digital thermometer built into it. Even better than that there's a Digital scale which is really helpful for breastfeeding moms who want to ensure that their children is eating enough.

5. The Best Sleeping Gear

Sleep. It's so important for a newborn. Okay it's more important to us parents. We definitely had some sleep struggles and I am so excited to try out the DocATot this time around. Every parent I know swears that I need one! A DocATot is a comfy lounging dock for your child. Everyone I know swears that their children love resting and napping in these. Maybe it's because they don't harbor heat or maybe its because it's just so dang cozy. All I know is that we need one. The best part is that these travel so well. Way easier than trying to bring two pack 'n' plays.

6. that one special outfit

I have been a big fan of LittleMe clothing for quite some time and even though I don't need to load up on alot of newborn outfits, because let's be honest that's a waste of money I do want a cute outfit to bring home baby in. LittleMe has great options and I adore their "Welcome to the World" Sleeper and blanket set.

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