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An Honest Review Of J Michael's Spa and Salon.

After almost two years I finally had the opportunity to treat myself to a salon visit. Living in Louisville there are a ton of options to have your hair colored and to get a facial and I've tried my fair share and honestly have never found one I truly love.

Until Now.

I had been following a local hairdresser named BangsBraidsandbalayage, on social media for almost a year and loved every hair color and cut she posted. Seriously every single cut and color she shared was Pinterest worthy. And after months of liking all of her (Jessica's) photos she graciously invited my to J Michael's Salon to enjoy some pampering.

J Michael's Spa and Salon is nestled in a shopping area in St. Matthew's close to Cafe Lou Lou. The interior is freshly updated, the host are gracious, and there are delicious chocolate treats free for the taking. What more could a lady hope for especially a pregnant one?

When I got to the salon I was greeted by Noelle. Noelle would be giving me a microdermabrasion. The experience was relaxing and everything I needed after dealing with weeks of tantrums from my toddler. Since I am pregnant there were a few things she couldn't do on my skin, but she made up for it by giving my skin some extra love with some amazing high quality products. The hour long session was wonderful and Noelle and I quickly bonded over motherhood stories. She is so sweet! My skin looked and felt amazing afterwards also. I was literally glowing and can't wait for her to do microplaning on me soon!

It was time to finally get in Jessica's chair, who is known as JB at the salon. (You're going to want to know her name so you can book her) It's funny to finally meet someone you've followed on social media for such a long time because you feel like you know a lot about them.

And well she was as genuine and sweet as I thought she'd be and most of all unbelievably talented.

I had no idea what I wanted my hair to look like. I just new anything would be better than my postpartum stringy haired mess I had going on. JB quickly guided me to a fall balayage. Since I had seen her work for so long I knew I could trust her judgment. And well I am glad I did! After she colored my hair, she dried, cut and then styled it. As she turned me around to look into the mirror I could not believe it was me starring back. She blew my hair expectations out of the water!

I can honestly say it is the best cut and color of my life.

Before and after!

So if you're in the neighborhood, or if you are not, make the trek and head over to J Michael's Spa and Salon and book an appointment soon. I guarantee you will love your experience there!

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