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School Lunches That Your Kids Will Actually Want to Eat

This post is sponsored by Wise Apple, but like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Gone are the days of nasty school lunches or packaged process circles of turkey with crackers as the alternative. Well actually those days aren't gone but at least now parents have better options and more alternatives out there.

My favorite school lunches are from Wise Apple.

We spent the summer trying everything they had and let's just say that my son Christian is a huge fan.

Wise Apple delivers healthy and nutritious lunches directly to your door for the school week. My favorite part of the lunches is the actual packaging. Every component of the lunch is individually packaged in it's own container within the actual lunch. So if you have two children and one doesn't like carrots and the other doesn't like apples all you have to do is pop out the container and let them swap. No wasted food!

But if you don't want to deal with the argument of which kid doesn't like which food then what better way to avoid that headache than having the freedom to customize their lunch. That's right. You can create your own meals based on what your kids like.

Besides the awesome functionality of the packaging, being able to customize the lunches and the convenience of the lunches actually being shipped directly to your door the food is really good also! Christian loved everything (and so did mama). From the pita pizza to the apples and dipping sauce everything was tasty and healthy. I swear those yogurt pretzels are the best thing in the world!

So if your looking for a healthy lunch alternative to those nasty school lunches try Wise Apple!

And right now use code BLUEGRASS and get your first 5 lunches for $15.

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