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How to have a healthy pregnancy for a busy mom.

1. Eat healthy and consistently

With my first child I would get so busy that I would forget to snack between meals. There was one morning when I was rushing to work and skipped breakfast and almost passed out while driving on the expressway. Scariest moment of my life. So this pregnancy I am always prepared with snacks in my bag. One of my favorite, tasty and convenient on-the-go snacks is Dannon Light & Fit and Oikos nonfat yogurt drinks. I load up on 4 packs of them at my local Walmart and I am set for having a delicious snack that is packed full of nutrition that I can easily take anywhere. Give it a try and save $1.00 HERE

2. Stay active but know your limitations

This is a tough one for me. I love working out and pushing myself and with the first pregnancy would work out as if I weren't and then get so sick afterwards. Not healthy for me or poor baby. If you were a runner I would say still run, but listen to your body. If breathing is an issue or you begin to develop back pain then stop. Walking is just as good for that baby and you. I think we forget that we are lifting weights every time we Stan with out 30lb bellies.

3. Stress Less

So it's easy for me now because well this is the second pregnancy and I know what to expect so stressing less is easier. But stress is bad for us and not great for our babies either so make sure to try and stress less. Simple things like asking yourself if arguing over the garbage is really worth it or avoiding say "yes" to more work are all easy every day ways to reduce stress. Find time to pamper yourself and try the free mommy yoga classes are also great options.

4.Stop and feel the baby kicks

Everyone acts like pregnancy is horrible and well there are parts that are and that are inconvenient for busy women but it is a short-lived 10 month experience that you may never experience again so stop and enjoy those little flutters and kicks of your baby. It all goes so fast and before you know it you'll blink and have a toddler running around and just a distant memory of your pregnancy journey.

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