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How to Create a Designated Play Area in a Tiny Space.

This post is sponsored by Regalo, but like always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Creating a play area in a small home is nearly impossible. We live in a small 1700 craftsman in the heart of the city and I love our home! However, I hate not having a designated play area for our son. His toys are everywhere! And I have tried everything to organize and create a designated play area in our living space to no avail.

I searched all over Pinterest and found many tips on how to create that lovely play space in a tiny home. They consisted of beautiful photos of organization containers full of neatly placed toys in a corner of your home. But let me save you some money. Those organization containers will never stay organized and that neatly crafted play area in the corner of your home find its ways all over the rest of your small living area.

After stepping on a toy train and nearly losing my mind over the amount of toys that had taken over our tiny living space I decided I was going to ditch those organization containers and create a real designated play area with a Regalo double door baby gate. Our living room is open to the dining room but is still a very small space. Possibly 300 square feet total. I decided to section off an area of the dining room that was wasted space with the gate and put all of his toys in the space in hopes that he would play in there.

6 months later and he loves his area! He does drag a few toys out at a time to play on a train mat we put in the living room but the majority of the mess is contained all within the regalo double door baby gate! The double door feature makes it super easy to drag large toys such as a train table into the play area also.

I could care less if his space is crazy and chaotic just as long as my living room is only semi-chaotic! So if you have a small space and a small child and dying to create a mess zone I highly recommend the regalo double door baby gate! It works like a dream!

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