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A Day Across The Big Four Bridge

This is a sponsored post, but like always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

I love my hometown. Louisville, Kentucky is a small town with a big city attractions and is the perfect place for us to raise our son. There are so many things to do as a young family in the city and a whole lot to do across the bridge also.

One of our favorite things as a family is to hop on a bike and go across the Big Four Walking Bridge into Jeffersonville, Indiana and enjoy the sites and food of the quaint small town that is just across the river from us.

A Day Across The Big Four Bridge

1. Rent a bike.

If you've never rented a bike from Wheel Fun Rentals located underneath the Big Four Bridge then you should. They are so much fun and the kids always enjoy them. They provide locks for the bike so that you can lock up your rental and enjoy the fun that is across the bridge in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Which you're going to want to grab because there are a lot of fun things to find and do over there!

2. Grab a bite at Parlour.

Parlour is located in an old historical home at the foot of the Big Four Bridge that has been renovated to highlight the charm but also to create a welcoming space that includes a great backyard with a fire pit, cornhole for the kids, live music and lots of comfy seating.

But let's talk about the pizza! It's everything you want. Cheesy goodness, with fresh toppings and a crust that is perfect. Pair it with a salad and sangria and you've got one happy mama. Though the food and the spot are wonderful what made it a real family friendly spot were the employees that worked there. Their slogan is Pizza, People, and Pints and I believe that they value people just as much as they do their food. The pizza was great, husband loved his IPA and Christian made so many new friends there. Every employee cheerfully interacted with him. Which not only made him feel special, but made us feel welcomed.

3. Time for Dessert.

There is nothing more family-friendly than a candy store. And the best one I know of is Schimpff's Confectionary located around the corner from Parlour on Spring Street. The candy store has been doing sweets for over 126 years. Walking into Schimpff's is well, like walking into a candy store a 100 years ago. The old glass counters all have delicious chocolatey treats showcased inside such as their famous chocolate, caramel, and pecans turtles that are in the shape of adorable turtles. In the back of the shop is the deli and my favorite, the old milkshake machines, that make the best cookies and cream milkshakes I've ever had. You know it's going to be a good milkshake when they fill up your glass and hand you the extra milkshake that's still in the mixing cup.

So the next time you want to hang out with the family at the waterfront bridge and take a walk across the bridge make sure that you don't just stop at the end of the bridge and head back towards Louisville. Get off the bridge and explore. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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