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Everything You Need for a Great Tailgate Party

While everyone else is getting excited about pumpkin spice season I am over here excited about a different season: Football. Kentucky is a great college sports state to be a part of and whether you cheer for University of Kentucky or Louisville we will all be united in one thing, a good tailgate! Thank goodness for Walmart and their new Coleman Tailgating Bundles to get you everything you need.

How to throw the best tailgating party.

1. Need a cooler

For our Kentucky Wildcat cheering family our tailgates have food and booze and we need a good cooler to haul those precious goods around and keep cold. Our favorite cooler is the 55 Qt Rugged AT Wheeled Cooler from Coleman. Basically the beast of all coolers that has huge wheels that make it super easy to pull along any terrain with bungee straps to hold down our chairs. Not only does it do a great job getting around the field to find the perfect tailgating spot, but it also keeps all our food and drinks cold for up to five days.

2. Bring the Grill and the crockpot.

There's no cold sandwiches that will do the job at a successful tailgating party. People want Hearty, filling, warm dishes on those cold fall days. So fire up the grill and get the crockpot going and ditch the cold deli meat.

3. An outdoor table.

Food is such an important part of the tailgate scene and you have to have an outdoor table to act not only as your prep space for cooking, but to hold the feast when it is all done. We love our Coleman Outdoor table. It's easy to setup, sturdy and easy to clean off.

4. The drinks.

It all comes down to the real important thing of any successful tailgating party: the drinks. And I have the best drink recipe that

I had once at a tailgating event, warm apple pie shots. It was so good and exactly the drink I needed to warm me up on those chilly fall football days.

Warm Apple Pie Shots


1 gallon of apple juice

1 gallon of apple cider

1 1/2 cups of white sugar

6 cinnamon sticks

1 bottle of vodka


In a large pot bring all ingredients except for the alcohol, to a boil.

Remove the mixture from heat and allow to cool for 10 minutes

Add vodka

Store in a crockpot or insulated container to keep warm.

Garnish with a slice of caramel apple and you've got a huge winner!

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