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Treat Yourself Thursday with CaseApp

I can honestly say that having a child has made me super low maintenance. I don't get weekly manicures anymore or facials when I see a wrinkle. Shopping for myself. What's that? But now that I am finding the rhythm of motherhood I want to treat myself to the occasional manicure and purchase myself things that I just like because they are oh so pretty.

My newest Treat Yourself find are these gorgeous custom Iphone cases from CaseApp. You can have family photos printed on the cases or you can choose from a huge selection of designs. Though I love my family and all our photos, I decided to go with two iPhone cases that are a pretty and trendy print. A tropical print and one that looks like marble stone. The print quality is great and the design is so chic. Best part is that I don't have to worry about my phone when the baby drops it.

I loved the tropical design so much that I got a matching laptop skin from CaseApp as well. Now I am ready to blog at the pool and look super cool doing it.

Treat yourself to one here.

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