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How To Create A Farmhouse Inspired Porch

My husband and I come from two very different worlds. I was raised in the inner city of Louisville, Kentucky and he comes from a tiny town out in the country in Western Kentucky. Though we grew up worlds apart we had one thing in common during our childhood: Porch sitting.

When my husband and I decided to buy a home in the city we knew we wanted a home with a big front porch. We wanted to create those same memories of sitting on the porch on those hot summer days that we had growing up with our family and friends. And though my husband and I loved the old two story farm houses with wrap around porches we bought the old craftsman home with the large porch in the perfect neighborhood.

Though we didn't get the exact house we wanted we have done a lot on the interior to make it feel like the farmhouse of our dreams. Now we want to bring the same farmhouse style to our front porch!

Here are few tips that have helped us create a farmhouse style inspired porch that make friends and family want to stay a while.

How to Create a Farmhouse Inspired Porch

1. Plants.

Plants are one of the best ways to make your porch feel inviting. They add color, fragrance and a certain kind of charm to the space. My favorite brand that I have found are at Lowe's called Monrovia. They have beautiful perennials and annuals of every color. Not only do Monrovia Plants add the biggest wow to your porch and entry way but they do so by not breaking the bank.

When choosing your plants make sure to do a few things. Always have a color scheme. I love purples, yellows and green color combinations because I feel that they pop. If planting in planters make sure to use cascading plants such a petunias and creeping Jenny to hang over the planters, but make sure to not forget to play with height. A good planter should have plants of a color scheme, textures and different heights of flowers. Hurry and head to a Lowe's near you and grab your Monrovia Plants.

2. Choose the planter.

Choose a planter that reflects the farmhouse style. We chose to go with cedar planters and whiskey barrels. However using repurposed vintage items for planters such as old chairs or watering cans can also create the farmhouse charm. Be creative and have fun with your design, but also stay true to the farmhouse theme.

3. Seating.

The porch is a place to invite friends over to enjoy the warm summer evenings with and nothing says, "farmhouse" like a good rocking chair and porch g. Seating makes everyone feel welcomed. A good farmhouse is not just a home but it is a gathering place for everyone. So find a beautiful porch and swing and some rocking chairs to make the space feel welcoming.swin

4. The door mat.

The front door mat is not just a place to wipe your feet off but it is another extension of welcoming others into your home. Again you want to have one that reflects the farmhouse style, but one that also reflects your style. Since I am from Kentucky and have a country twang I had to have a front door mat that said "Hey Y'all."

5. The little details.

Don't forget the little details are what really make the porch an inviting "Stay-for-a-while" place. I love to add pillows to my seating areas and other adorable accent pieces such as hanging lanterns, ferns and adorable signs that say "Welcome." Find those farmhouse accent pieces that you would typically add to your living room and don't be afraid to add them to your porch instead. Remember, it is an extension of your home.

Before AND After

Check out my video on how Monrovia Plants helped me create a farmhouse style porch.

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