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3 Minute DIY Mother's Day Photo Collage Frame

This is a sponsored post from Pinpaper Press, but like always, all thoughts and options are my own.

Mother's Day is right around the corner and there is nothing more that a mother really wants than a thoughtful gift. Okay maybe that and a trip to the grocery alone.

The more thoughtful the gift the more I love it. And if you know me then you know that photos of my family are always the best gifts for me and well most of the mamas I know to receive.

I just discovered a great company that will make that Mother's Day gift even more special from the time they receive to the time that they open it.

Pinpaper Press is taking our photo memories and turning it into fun wrapping paper photo collage of your favorite photos with just a few clicks. It's so easy and makes every gift incredibly thoughtful.

How it works.

1. Choose the photos from your social sharing site such as Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram that you would like to print or there is a Made4U option.

2. I chose Facebook and selected the album that I wanted to have printed into gift paper. Which of course I chose my son's first year of life album.

3. Next preview your paper. Don't like it. That's ok. just choose a different album you would like to highlight.

4. Add a message on the paper to really personalize it and make your mother feel really special.

5. Choose how many sheets you'd like to print and your done! Shipping takes a few days and you have the cutest gift wrapping paper to make the present you want to give to your mother or the mother of children even more special.

But why stop at just wrapping the present?! My favorite thing about Pinpaper Press besides wrapping presents is being able to make creative and thoughtful presents with it.

3 Minute DIY Mother's Day Photo Collage Frame


One wooden frame (I chose an 8x10)

Photo of your child.

One sheet of Pinpaper Press wrapping paper

Modge Podge


Paint Brush


Cut Pinpaper Press wrapping paper to fit your frame. You want extra to conceal the sides.

Cut out the square in the middle.

Apply Modge Podge to the frame and lay the Pinpaper sheet on top.

Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge or other adhesive sealer to the top of the paper insuring that it is sealed. Use your finger to smooth any imperfections.

Wait to dry.

And that's it!

Put your photo in the frame and you have the cutest gift for any mother or grandparent and it only took a few minutes thanks to Pinpaper Press.

To get your Pinpaper Press wrapping paper just in time for Mother's Day go here and use code BLUEGRASSMOM15 for an additional 15% off

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