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Toddler Road Trip Essentials

Some of the products were given in exchange for an honest review. Like always all options are my own.

Summer is almost here and like many other parents we will be spending most of our weekends in the car traveling to see family and new places. We are lucky. We have a toddler that doesn't mind car rides too much. But it could be because I am always equipped with the best road trip essentials that just make road-tripping more fun for the whole family. Here are a few products that I have found and love for our road trips!

1. Insulated Stainless Steel No-Spill Flip It

We always keep our insulated Nuby No Spill cup with us on every road trip! We love that it keeps Christian's milk cold for up to 10 hours and doesn't take up additional space in the cooler. Not only does it keep his beverages cold but it is also easy for him to flip open and to close shut. A task that he doesn't need his mommy to help him with. The stainless steel cup holds up to 9oz, is BPA free and has the cutest design on the exterior of the cup. Find yours here or at Babies R Us.

2. Easy Go Booster Seat

We always go every where with our Easy Go Booster Seat. It conveniently collapses for travel and is so lightweight. We love keeping this in our car just in case we eat at a restaurant that does not have an extra high chair for our guy. And it is so small that it hardly takes up any space in our trunk! The booster seat has adjustable straps to secure Christian in and the life of the product will last us for a long time...or until our guy reaches 50lbs. Find yours here or at a Walmart near you.

3. Babiators.

If your child is like almost any other person, then they can't stand to have the sun in their eyes. Who does?! A road trip must for our rear-facing, sun-in-the-face kid are a pair of our favorite toddler sunglasses, babiators. They offer 100% UV protection, are nearly indestructible and look so cute! On top of that they guarantee to replace your sunglasses if they get lost or broken. That's right! Lost or broken and they will replace them. Head here to grab a pair for your toddler.

4. CleverMade SnapBasket Cooler.

On any road trip with kids means that you will have more stops then you would like to make. However, we try to to make as few of those as we possibly can and we don't want to ever stop because someone is hungry or thirsty in between meals. That's why we always have a cooler packed full of drinks and snacks for us and our kiddo. We LOVE our CleverMade Snap Basket Coolers. They are completely leak proof, keeps our ice for 36 hours and most importantly when we are done using it we can snap it and store it flat in the car so that it doesn't take up any room. Find yours here.

Sometimes you see something and you think to yourself, "How did I live without it?" That's what I think of every time we load up for a road trip and I grab our Snack and Play Travel Tray from Star Kids. The tray attaches to most car or booster seats and provides a playing space for our toddlers. It has a padded rim to keep toys in, dry erase top that is also magnetic. Mesh pockets on the side for toys and the sippy cup and most importantly has been crash tested approved. Our son loves to play with his trains and eat his Cheerios on it while we drive to his grandparents house. Find yours here.

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