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How to Photograph Toddlers

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Oshkosh, but like always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Spring is the perfect season for photoshoots for toddlers. It's not too hot, there are lots of flowers blooming for pretty background poses and the outfit choices for photo sessions are just adorable. But if you've ever tried to photograph a toddler you know it's like herding cats. It's one of the hardest task ever but I have a few tips to help you get that perfect Easter photo.

How to take the best Easter photos of a Toddler

1. Choose the outfits

First thing is first when taking the perfect Easter photo of a toddler. You have to choose the perfect outfit! My favorite place to find the cutest easter and spring clothes is at OshKosh. They have a huge selection, especially for boys, of the cutest clothes that not only make for the perfect photoshoot outfit, but are also the most comfortable every day wear for our toddlers to enjoy. For spring and easter shoots, I always choose a pastel piece of clothing and you can never go wrong with an adorable pair of overalls for a boy or a girl. Oshkosh not only has the cutest outfits for your photoshoot but they also don't break the bank. I always get so many clothing options for my Easter and holiday shoots from there because of their amazing prices. Find one near you here.

And no outfit is complete without a cute pair of shoes! Aren't these the cutest?! These Oshkosh shoes go with all of his Easter outfits!

2. Grab a prop

I'm sure you have a stuffed bunny in the house or an easter basket with plastic eggs. Grab whatever you have that looks Easter or Springish and use it as a prop. Don't have any of those things then thats ok. Just go pick a flower or grab your childs wagon.

Here is the pro tip!

Do not show your toddler the toy or prop until you are ready to shoot. They will be so interested in that toy or egg for a few minutes letting you get some adorable photos and then they will lose interest and chuck that bunny.

3. Choose the camera

If you are someone who loves to have family photos at every holiday, then I would suggest investing in a decent camera. A year worth of family photos is the price of a decent camera and lens. I use a canon 70D and do most of my portrait shoots with a 50mm lens. If you are nervous to invest in a camera than that's ok. The iPhone has a great camera in it and the new 7 plus has a great portrait feature that gives you a professional looking portrait with the blurred background.

4. Get low and close

When photographing a toddler for easter try different angles, which means you will need to squat, lay, and bend over to get the perfect shot. But don't worry about forgetting to move around and try different positions. Remember what I said about your toddler losing interest in that egg or easter bunny within the first few minutes of your Easter shoot? That means that the rest of your photo shoot will be you chasing him or her around in their adorable Easter outfits from Oshkosh snapping a hundred photos.

4. Embrace the Candid Shots Not every shot needs to and will be a posed perfect shot of a smiling toddler.

Embrace it!

I love the Easter photos of my son when he gets excited about a newly discovered flower or just wanting to push the wagon around. I think these moments capture who he really is right now, a little curious boy in adorable overalls, and I want to savor those moments because I won't always have that curious boy. So click away when your toddler decides to flee the perfectly staged area to pick flowers, because they will.

5. Edit the photo

Every professional photographer edits photos. There are so many great apps out there that help make the editing process so easy and there are a ton of filters and presets to give you the look you want. Some of my favorite FREE photo editing apps are VSCO, Snapseed and Aviary. If you want to use what the professionals use then check out Lightroom. My 3 editing go-to's for almost all photos is to brighten it, enhance the clarity and crop out the random toys in the background.

And there you have it! My tips on how to survive, I mean take the best Easter photos of your fun-loving toddler.

So run over to Oshkosh right now and grab a cute Easter outfit for your toddlers Easter photoshoot. And just because I want you to have several wardrobe options here is a coupon for 25% off of $40 or you can use this online code OKBG3270 or the retail code 036602. Now you can get several cute outfits to photograph your little one in for Easter, spring and all throughout the summer.

And remember to just have fun with it!

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