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5 Tips to Create A Safe and Toddler-Friendly Backyard

This is a sponsored post, but like always, all opinions and thoughts are my very own.

Like many parents, we will be spending a lot of time in the backyard this summer!

Here are a few helpful tips on how to create a safe and toddler-friendly backyard.

1. Clean up.

Spend the weekend cleaning up the backyard with your little one from anything that is hazardous. Which will most likely mean that he/she will push the wheel-barrel or carry a stick around while you do the work. Make sure to clean up all the sticks, leaves and dangerous rocks that could be hiding in the grass.

2. Block off the stairs.

My son is drawn to stairs. He sees them and he he immediately wants to climb up them. My favorite stair gate that I love to use indoor or outdoors is The Stair Barrier. We own the Onxy Stair Barrier and I love that it is made with an indoor/outdoor material that is weather resistant. I also love that it's not ugly! We use it outside and it adds to our backyard design instead of taking away from it.

The Stair Barrier is SO easy to install.

There is no drilling into our deck with the stair barrier, it is a simple click of a few buckles. We also love that we can take it on vacation with us and that it takes up no space in our car and won't damage the hotels or homes we stay in.

It is the perfect baby gate!

Find them here and check out their gorgeous indoor stair barriers that you can have monogrammed.

3. Create a kid play area

Now we know that the entire backyard is their domain, but it's nice for them to have various activity centers to go and play in and develop other skills in. We have a play table set up to eat lunch and color at and will be adding an area with a water table and slide soon. Let the fun begin!

4. Explain the dangerous areas.

There are just going to be some areas in your backyard that might not be safe. We have garden beds with stone walls. Explain to your little one the dangers of the area. We use a lot of "ouch" language. Does that mean that they will always avoid that area, probably not, but there is the chance that one of your children will heed the warning.

5. Kiss the Boo Boo's

No matter how well you try to create the perfectly safe backyard there will be bumps and bruises that our little ones will get.

Tears will shed!

Just take a breath, hug that baby and kiss those boo boo's. Mommy and daddy kisses are magical and just make everything better...most times.

How do you create a safe backyard for your little ones?

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