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Have Comfort in the ComfortCam Baby Monitor

This product was received in exchange for an honest review. Like always, all thoughts and opinions are my very own.

Before I had my baby I purchased everything second hand, because I am cheap. But the only thing I wanted to invest in was a baby monitor. I initially wanted a wifi capable video monitor but I opted out after hearing creepy stories of people hacking into baby monitors and talking to children in the middle of the night.

Uh, no thanks.

Fast forward to having a 15 month old and feeling comfortable in my new role as a mother and wanting to date my husband again. But that means sitters. And I still trust no one with my baby. Mostly, because I am a crazy mama bear. So I started looking into baby video monitors again so that we could check in on our son while a sitter was with him, but the thought of someone hacking the camera still scared me.

Then I found ComfortCam.

They do not use Cloud technology so there is far less ability to have the monitor hacked. You mean my live streaming video of my child isn't up there in the public storage unit with all the other weirdos? SOLD!

I am kicking myself that I spent $200+ on the first baby monitor. Not only is this one cheaper but it is packed full of amazing features that make life so much easier.

First, setup. It was so easy and if you know me then you know that I am technologically impaired. I attempted to set it up when my husband was out of town and in a matter of minutes it was done.

Secondly, I love that I can view my son anywhere in the world with the ComfortCam. I can be in China and check my app and I can see live video of him. This service is an additional fee, but you do get the first month free. So I would suggest trying it especially if you are wanting to use it to check in while the sitter is watching your children like we are.

I also love the pan, tilt, zoom option and the night vision. You will not believe the clarity of the video. I can actually tell that my son is asleep because I can see him clearly. And if daddy accidentally bumps the monitor while putting the baby down, which happens way too often, then I don't have to sneak into the nursery to adjust it because I can reposition it with my phone! #GAMECHANGER

Lastly, I love the movement and sound alert. Our son does not sleep in the same room with us and according to my husband none of our children will. Sleep is too precious to him and honestly me too, but I need to know if my son needs me in the middle of the night. The ComfortCam will alert me on my smart phone of any noise or movement in his crib.

There are other amazing things that this baby monitor does that we are still learning. We truly do love it and feel at peace when we leave him alone with a sitter and are so glad that we now own one.

Visit the link below to read other reviews and to purchase your own.

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