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The Learning Tower is a Toddler Must Have

This is a sponsored post from Little Partners, but like always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Parenting is an always evolving job. While kids grow their needs change, which actually translates to the parent having new needs.

Currently, I need my son to stop screaming at me at while I cook.

I know that he only wants to be in the kitchen with me, but a kitchen is not a safe place for our son. There are hot stoves that can burn him, garbage cans to play in and cat food to snack on. That's when I discovered the Little Partners Original Learning Tower. I had seen other bloggers write about it and initially thought two things: It looks big and it's kind of pricey. But now with a screaming toddler demanding to interact with me while I cooked I knew I needed to check it out.

We have had the Learning Tower for a few days and it has already changed everything.

Christian no longer sits at the gate, peering into the kitchen to scream at me. He has become an active participant in helping me cook and he loves it. And well, so do I. He watches me prepare food, samples the fresh veggies and enjoys his time in his little space.

It has become our new play space to do our sensory activities also. Christian stands at the counter and we play with our play-do, goo and other messy activities. And no need to worry about my white Learning Tower getting stained. I just wipe it down with a warm, soapy rag and done. Way easier than scrubbing down the dining table.

As for my initial thoughts on space and price; I was wrong.

I had originally thought that the Learning Tower would take up too much space in our tiny craftsman home, but it does not! The tower fits perfectly at our island and slides right under the counter. I also thought that the price at $199.00 was kind of steep, but the functionality and life of the piece exceeds the cost. Not only is it a space for my son to play in (which he loves) and help me cook at but it is actually becoming our new high chair were he can eat at and our stool to learn to brush our teeth and wash our hands in. And unlike most children must-haves that are only used for a few months, I feel okay with the price because I know that Christian will use his Leaning Tower for years to come. So even though I was gifted this to write a review, I would gladly pay for another for our next child.

You may think that you don't need this as you stare at your sweet newly born baby, but just wait.

I promise as that sweet angel starts becoming mobile and wanting to climb up barstools and cling to your leg this will be one of the best purchases you will ever make.

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