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3 Tips To Avoid Becoming A MOMbie.

Some say having children is the most self-sacrificial thing a person will ever do. And it is absolutely true! As new parents we forgo sleep, eating and the luxury of dressing ourselves in something other than sweat pants. We become a Mombie; completely consumed with our children that we neglect our personal hygiene, eating habits and relationships with anyone over the age of 5.

Our priorities change.

The focus shifts from ourselves to making sure our babies our happy and healthy, which is exactly how things should be. And we will ALL enter Mombie mode as new mothers but we don't have to let it consume who we were prior to children.

Here are a few tips that can help you survive turning into a full blown Mombie.

1. Getting dressed with makeup.

Nothing makes a woman feel like a human like a little makeup. There are a lot of five minute face tutorials that are game changers but five minutes is an eternity when you have a baby screaming at you. The biggest game changer to ensure that I get makeup on every day AND my hair fixed was putting the baby in the tub.

Seriously. Just put the baby in the tub.

You don't even need to add water. Our son could play in the tub for hours. Now your child may want to actually soak in the water. So just fill it up, let them splash, and get yourself ready for the day.

2. Eating.

Eating is a basic human need that we go without as new moms. Initially, with a newborn crying every other hour, I was too consumed to eat or even drink. And it didn't get easier to eat food the older my child got because he became the ultimate food thief. Screaming at me as I tried to eat ANYTHING.

So now I try to eat healthy snacks, packed full of vitamins and proteins. My favorite quick breakfast or snack are VitaTops. Delicious, organic muffin tops (the best part) that are found in the freezer section at your Target, Kroger, Publix or Shop-Rite. They are the perfect on the go snack that can be eaten cold, toasted or at room temperature that will keep you feeling full. And they are packed full of so many nutrients that I don't mind sharing with my boy!

Here is a coupon for your to try them out here. Make sure to print a few, they're that good and easy.

3. Playdates WITHOUT kids.

That's right. A playdate without kids. Just Moms.

Mom playdates are the best! We dress up, eat without feeding another person, drink and share stories that only us moms can understand. These gatherings are essential in surviving Mombie mode. We support each other in our new role as mothers and we remind each other of the women we were before children all while encouraging each other to bridge the two roles.

Because let's be honest.

We are going to ALWAYS be a little bit of a Mombie because we are completely obsessed with our kids. Like crazy-mad about them! They are our greatest achievement! But that doesn't mean that us new moms should neglect our needs for showers, food and friends. Taking care of ourselves isn't just good for us, but it's good for the entire family because we are better and happier versions of ourselves.

Check out my video below of my morning routine and how I make sure to take time for me even if it is just squeezing in time to eat.

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