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The Best Saskatoon Old Fashion

This post has been sponsored by Special Day Crates, but like always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Gift giving for some come natural, but for me it is hard. Maybe I over think the process. Maybe I just really dislike spending my free time, which I have little of (thanks motherhood), standing in a store looking for the perfect gift.

That's where Special Day Crates comes in.

They've done the guess work for us. They have artfully crafted crates filled with handmade and local products. The process is simple. You can either chose one of their already made gift sets or you can create your very own.

If you choose to customize your own crate the process is easy.

First, choose your crate size.

Second, fill the crate with fun goodies from their shop. Don't worry about being overwhelmed with choices. Special Day Crates have spent their time choosing quality items over quantity for you to choose from.

Special Day Crates created a crate for me and it truly was customized to what this Kentucky girl loves: Bourbon.

The crate was filled with coasters, chipotle & lime peanuts, gourmet popcorn, a cocktail recipe book, drinking vinegar and a recipe for a Saskatoon Old Fashion. All in a handmade and painted gift crate. Adorable and so thoughtful.

Visit my facebook page to enter to win a Valentine's day Special Day Crate for yourself or someone you love HERE.

Saskatoon Old Fashion Recipe


.75 oz of Drinking Vinegar

2 oz of Bourbon

.5 oz of simple syrup

2 dashes of bitters

2 drops of black walnut bitters

orange peel


Combine all ingredients except the walnut bitters over ice in a cocktail shaker.

stir and strain into an old-fashion glass over ice.

Add 2 drops of the walnut bitters

Twist orange peel over the glass to express the oils and give a quick stir with the peel.


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