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How To Not Be A Crazy Babywise Mom.

Babywise. Have you heard of it? It's the magical book that outlines a simple routine that will train your infant to sleep through the night by 12 weeks.

I am a Babywise mom.

And just like the book suggested, we ate, played and slept and our little guy slept through the night at 12 weeks. But what the book fails to tell you is that babies don't nap for the suggested 1-2 hours. In fact my guy napped for 45 minutes sessions and it was during those nap sessions that I began to go crazy.

It started with one google search:"How long should a 12 week old nap?" And then another and another. Pretty soon I had read every online Babywise forum and blog and I thought that if my son didn't nap the full suggested time that it would throw the entire schedule off. Or worse! It would mess up his 12 hour sleep marathon at night that we had finally reached!

But here are some tips on how to use Babywise and not become a crazy Babywise mom like me.

1. Everything will be okay if your baby wakes up early.

2. Everything will be okay if your baby doesn't nap.

3. Everything will be okay if the schedule goes to shit.

Everything will be okay.

Will I use babywise again? Sure. I love routine and I will try to have some sort of a consistent schedule for the next child. But will I get all bent out of shape if my infant doesn't nap or naps too short? Wakes up before 7am? No. Because I know that everything will be okay.

To purchase Babywise (which I highly recommend) then go to the link listed below.

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