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Making Memories & Meals with Hello Fresh

This post was sponsored by Hello Fresh, but all opinions are my very own.

Did you know that I fell in love with my husband while dancing in the kitchen with him? It's true. Before children, we would cook together, drinks in hand, laughing at our failed dishes or in awe of our beautifully crafted creations. The kitchen was a magical place fore us. However, once we had children the magic left the kitchen and we found ourselves eating whatever was the easiest dish to whip up in between the cries of our new son.

A year later, and I am proud to say that we cook and eat as a family. It's a practice that I want to instill into my son: to cook is to be patient, to be appreciative and to be thankful. As Michael Pollan once said, "The shared meal is no small thing. It is the foundation of family life, the place where our children learn the art of conversation and acquire the habits of civilizations: sharing, listening, taking turns, navigating differences, arguing without offending."

So when I was given the chance to review Hello Fresh, a food delivery service that encourages families to cook nutritious, creative meals together, I quickly said yes. Hello Fresh has made the process so easy by providing delicious fresh food from local providers to our doorstep (minus the salt, pepper, and olive oil) and has taken the dreaded trip to the grocery store with a toddler out of the equation.

First, choose a plan. We chose the family plan, which offers recipes that your little one will love. Christian, our son, personally loved the turkey burgers and honey dijon chicken the best. You can also choose from the Classic or Veggie plan.

Next, choose from a variety of recipes. Don't worry, you won't be bombarded with a huge list like you are on some recipe sites.

Thirdly, wait. The ingredients will be shipped to your doorstep in a nicely insulated box that stays cold for 24 hours and includes your meals, recipe card, cute apron and even some bonus coupon goodies.

We personally loved all of our meals, but the sirloin steak with orzo pasta was my personal favorite. Everything was so fresh and the recipe for our dishes were just six easy steps and left plenty of leftovers for Christian to enjoy for lunch the next day.

The price of Hello Fresh is a little more than if you went and purchased the products yourself, but if you factor in the time you save traveling and wondering through a grocery store than it isn't very much for three delicious, fresh dinners. And for me, making memories in the kitchen with my family is priceless.

Here's a few of our newly made memories thanks to Hello Fresh.

Christian trying cherry tomatoes for the first time. He loved them!

Chatting and laughing with my husband while our son plays.

And our silly son loving his new toy: The Hello Fresh box.

Enjoy and check out our video of us using Hello Fresh below.

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