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The Southern Scent: Alford & Hoff.

A Southern Gentleman embodies sophistication, ease and a specific kind of charm that can seduce a woman. A southern man portrays such sophistication not only with how well he speaks but with how well he dresses. My husband, Dusty, is that Southern Gentleman and his style embodies a respect for his southern tradition. Trousers, ties, jackets and wing tipped boots clutter his closet. However, what most people outside of the south do not know is that an essential part of the southern wardrobe, more so than a bowtie, is a good fragrance.

A good fragrance is an invisible accessory that is the finishing touch to any outfit. Southern men understand the importance of this and know that smell is a powerful sense and a good fragrance increases confidences, attracts a mate and makes them more memorable.

When I was approached by Alford & Hoff to do a review of a men's fragrance I quickly jumped at the opportunity since my husband loves a high quality fragrance. And I, a southern woman, find it intoxicating when he wears them. I went to Nordstram's and tested all Alford & Hoff's scents and loved the smell of the Signature Fragrance. It is a balanced fragrance and has interesting notes of citrus that kept it light with a warm rum note that kept it masculine. It was also a subtle fragrance. A very important feature of any fragrance since no woman wants to be near a man that is wafting in cologne.

Dusty loved Alford & Hoff because, "It had a great smell that lasted all day."

Shop here for the perfect gift for that special guy in your life or find Alford & Hoff in a Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and AAFES Military Exchanges near you. And when you purchase now you will receive a special gift valued at $29.00. An Alford & Hoff Dopp Kit with elegantly printed motif and spacious interior to fit all your bathroom essentials.

Check out my video of My husband using Alford & Hoff as the finishing touch to his outfit.

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