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A Smart and Safe Home with TP-Link

My husband is the most difficult individual to shop for. I remember one year I got him everything he loved: bourbon, t-shirts and fun coffee. Then he opened his gifts and his face didn't change emotions. Which isn't unusual, he's not a very excitable person, but I knew I didn't really bring it. However, over the years I have discovered that he likes most things that are innovative and creative. In other words, he's like most men that like their gadgets.

TP-Link sent me a request to review a few of their products from their Smart Home line. If you're like me and don't know what that is, those are the Smart Bulbs, Smart Wifi Light Switches and Smart Plugs that are all wifi capable and controlled by the free Kasa app on your smartphone. Once I received the TP-Link Smart Home products and showed them to Dusty he responded with, "Cool." That may not sound like much but that means he really likes them.

Here's a few reasons why he is really enjoining the Tp-Link Smart Home products.

1. Less Chores.

Our son is in full-on congestion mode. With the furnace now on, the dry air is really making things worse for Christian so we put a humidifier in his room. However, my husband keeps forgetting to turn it off in the morning. No big deal. But when we go to put our baby to bed the humidifier is empty so Dusty has to try and tiptoe in the room, remove the humidifier, refill it and return it without waking the baby. Not the most fun ritual. That's where the Smart Plug comes in. We plug the humidifier into the smart plug and set it to turn off at 7:00 a.m. when baby wakes up. No more wasted water and no more tip-toeing in baby's room to refill it.

2. Trick the Robbers.

Many of my followers know that my neighborhood is having a lot of break-ins here lately. We visit my husbands family in Owensboro, Kentucky quite a lot and knowing that he can trick the robbers in thinking that we are at home is great! With the Smart Bulb and Smart Wifi Light Switch he can control the lights from anywhere, even an hour and a half away, just by using an app.

3. Cheaper Energy Bills.

Dusty, like I, grew up with humble beginnings. That upbringing has shaped how we value our money. Dusty loves finding innovative products that help us save money where we can, especially home products because our home is 103 years old. The Smart Bulbs reduce energy use by 80%. That's a lot! And the Wifi Smart Plugs can monitor your energy and tell you how much you are wasting and saving. Brilliant!

4. Fun!

Secretly, he is having a lot of fun controlling our lights from afar and I am having a blast coordinating my Smart Bulb to the appropriate Holiday colors.


Visit TP-Link to check out their affordable products and use code TPLINKSMART for 20% off until December 31st, 2016 and get your gadget loving man something to make him say, "Cool."

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