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A Lovely Gift for a Lovely Beard.

November is finally here and the men here in Louisville, Kentucky have embraced the Movember movement. What is Movemeber, you ask? Movemeber is when men put down their razors and grow out their beards and mustaches to raise awareness and money for men's health issues. Also known as No-shave November. It is such a great cause but it does have its setbacks such as an itchy and irritating beard that can be scratchy when smooching your significant other.

That's where Lovely Beards comes in!

They have created a beard balm and a beard oil that will help all of my male friends tame their beards and increase smooches, all while continuing the wonderful Movember movement. The beard balm and beard oil are all made from 100% organic ingredients and essential oils. Just a small amount f beard balm will help with the irritable itching that is caused by new growth. And just a small amount of the beard oil will help moisturize the facial hair making it an approachable and smoochable lovely beard.

As Movember ends and we approach December the father's, uncles, sons, husbands, and boyfriends in your life may want to keep that Lovely Beard. And what better stocking stuffer than the Lovely Beard balm and oil gift set for them. I received both products and like a true Kentucky girl requested for the bourbon scented balm and oil. It smells like an aged barrel which I find delightful. There are many different fragrances to choose from here.

Use code Beards10 for 10% off your Lovely Beards order when checking out. And like always, they have free shipping on all orders within the US.

Merry Movemeber and Happy Holidays!


Donate to the Movember Foundation and help bring awareness and a cure to men's health issues here.

Special thanks to Market St. Barbers.

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