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A Bakery Changing Lives one Cookie at a Time.

Meet Scarlet's Bakery.

In Louisville, Kentucky there is a special little bakery off the beaten path making delicious baked goods. But Scarlet's Bakery is more than a bakery. It is a bakery that is changing the lives of its employees. Scarlet's Bakery is actually a ministry that was birthed from Scarlet Hope. Never heard of Scarlet Hope? It is a ministry that was formed to help women in the adult entertainment business in and around Louisville, Kentucky.

Scarlet Hope provides empowering programs that provide women with the opportunity to leave the industry. One of these empowering programs is Scarlet's bakery.

Why did Scarlet Hope decide to start a bakery?

One of the biggest needs the women we interact with express is that they want another way to provide money for their families. However, with little to no training in mainstream jobs, many women are left without any options. Scarlet's Bakery exists to provide transferrable job skill training to women who've been exploited so that they have a second chance at a new career.

What did the women of Scarlet Hope think when they were approached with the idea to open a bakery?

Several ladies were excited to learn a new skill that they can also use at home with their children. A few women were apprehensive about the difficulty in learning baking in a commercial kitchen environment but we've developed a 4 level training program to ease our team into each new concept.

How long did it take for Scarlet's Bakery to come to life?

Scarlet's Bakery has been a dream of our Executive Director, Rachelle Starr, for several years. The business development of the bakery began to take shape in the winter of 2014 and we opened our doors on December 16, 2015! Our ladies were involved in catering orders before the bakery even opened, including beautiful shots of their hands working through different baking techniques.

How has the bakery impacted the life of the women that work there?

Scarlet's Bakery has provided a way for our team to attend college while also earning an income to help support their family. Our team focuses on more than just daily production- we also openly discuss our faith and what's going on in everyone's life. We want to holistically approach the care of our team members.

What are the hopes for the future of the bakery and the women that work there?

As with any new business, our goal is to become completely self-sustaining within the next year. We also hope to hire 4-5 more employees over the next 5 months.

What are your favorite items on the menu?

Our cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls are my absolute favorite! I'm also a big fan our cheddar bacon chive muffins and our adorable macarons- they are pumpkin shaped and flavored for November!

2 Minute Fall Leaf Design by Scarlet's Bakery

First, fill a bowl with Royal icing.

Second, take yellow, red and orange icing and make swirls in the bowl of royal icing.

Third, don't mix it! Just take a leaf shaped sugar cookie and dip directly into the icing mixture.

Remove cookie and wipe off the excess icing. Let dry and ednjoy!

Impress everyone at Thanksgiving with these beautiful fall leaf cookies!


To donate to Scarlet Hope visit here.

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